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Sunday, June 27, 2010


The event is tomorrow. And I am kinda nervy for it cos it's the first time I will be singing live in public. I really hope it will go well so I won't disappoint people and friends. 

If only my holidays weren't so packed, I would have been able to squeeze in more training dates so it can be more 'perfect' or more well-sung in a way but oh well. 

About the event tomorrow, today actually since it's past 12 am now. 27 June 2010 at Bukit Timah Plaza from 3 to 4.30 pm. Me, YP and the performing group (Max & Jessica) will be singing and our host will be humourous and quick-thinking Angie! We will singing both English and Mandarin songs, we will also play some games with the audience so come down if you are free! :)

Taken on thursday during training and YP is finally back!
And YP gave everyone something he bought from Thailand. 
Thank you YP for the bracelet! :)

Training with Boss on thursday was like super cool cos we learnt alot of interesting stuff! Like who invented undergarments and other stuff like that. Seems like "Appreciation of Chinese Culture" that I took in secondary 2 was kinda useful?? I never paid attention during class for that subject and my tests was like all anyhow guess one since the grades are not really counted hahaha.

Maybe I should start reading "San Guo Yan Yi", but in English, of course!

May tomorrow go well.

Love, Yi Ting

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