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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Had my first vocal training with Boss today. Learnt quite a number of things. Like vocal projection, knowing how to control your breathing and the various elements that determine whether you sound nice when you sing. Thanks Boss for the lesson! I will practice hard. :)

Elson also came for training but his was to teach him how to host for an event. It was like sitting in for one of my broadcast performance class haha. Speaking of this, I will have a co-hosting assessment when school reopens. Which means I have to start preparing and practicing as well. But, Elson's hosting will be tougher than mine I suppose, since his is a live event while mine is a scripted one.

Had dinner with them and Joseph after that. 
I look shagged, cos not enough sleep this week although it's the holidays! So many projects and assignments to complete this holiday. There's at least one each from practically all the subjects that I have. And tomorrow cannot sleep in again cos have to do filming for project. Hopefully I can sleep in on sunday.


Anyway, would like to thank all those who voted for me in campusrock. Thanks alot. Especially those who helped me 'broadcast' it to all their friends through facebook and twitter when I never even ask them to! Like Keith, Yin Le, Sean and even Mr Ng! It's really wonderful to have such friends and in Mr Ng's case, teacher, like you guys. ♥

Oh and speaking of Mr Ng,
You are a proud daddy now, aren't you! Haha. I dare say you are the best teacher I ever had so far. You made me like maths 40% more! That's quite something already haha. Although my maths was really weak, you never gave up. From an F9 to a B4 is a huge improvement already. So, thank you so much! (although you most probably won't see this) You rock! Hope the boys and me can pop by to visit you next week if they are free, that is. Enjoy your birthday anyway! :)

Anyway, a shoutout to my dear readers. Don't forget to vote for me at campusrock. Click here.
It's one vote per address per 12 hour. You can vote for me everyday if you like. Haha. Thanks all in advance!

Yi Ting

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