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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time is essence.

This week has been really really packed. I am back at school almost every single day for projects and more projects. Meeting up with the same few people almost everyday. I am  glad that I am done with my radio commercial, hopefully I will do well for that because I kinda need to do well. Broadcast journals are a bummer really, and the fact that I don't have cable television kinda makes it harder. Thankfully, there is youtube haha. I am going to try and do my best to finish up all the broadcast journals by tonight. After that, I shall probably start on survey report. I think I will be able to get a breather after next week? 

On wednesday, I was in school for project discussion and we started taking pictures in the audio suite while Fiona was recording her commercial. We took a total of 72! Haha, like what we used to do in Year 1. Here are some of them.

With Monica, my classmate since secondary school! She looks cute with her new fringe. Look like small kid haha.
I am seriously in love with this ring. I love rings! This blue one is my current fave.
Shhh! Cos Fiona was recording her commerical so we have to be quiet.
I love Rachel's face.
Attempting some indian dance move.
(Above): Fave shot of all! Look at all their faces!

Other than school related stuff, I attended my secondary 4 class gathering this week too! Been awhile since I met them. Some changed alot too, mostly for the better of course!

I see alot of them putting braces! Above is Dawn, below also Dawn. Haha, there are 3 Dawns in my class!
The above effect is my favourite from my macbook's photobooth.
The comic-book effect I think?

Today, had training with Boss. The performing artiste group were also there for training so took a group photo with them!
Sherman is damn tall! Haha.

Good luck to Joy, Sherman, Jessica and Max for the Punggol Idol Competition on Sunday! If I can make it, I will go there to support your! :D

 Got to attend a wedding dinner tomorrow, haven't even decide what to wear! Hmm okay, I got to go back to my school-work now. Talk to you guys soon! :)

Love, Yi Ting

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