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Monday, June 7, 2010

When an Indian girl has 'grown-up'..

For my Single Camera module, each group was supposed to do on traditions/customs of Singapore. And my group did a fairly interesting one. It's about what happens when an Indian girl has 'grown up'. I shan't elaborate on what 'grown-up' in this context means, you can pretty much guess I suppose?

So when the girl and her family finds out that she has 'grown-up', they will start preparing for a ceremony to celebrate the girl's coming of age and also follow some traditions and practices. For example, the girl has to eat a raw egg with sesame oil and then bathe in turmeric water for a week. She is also not allowed to be seen by males. After a week, they will hold the ceremony.

So to film this, my group took part in one on Saturday. And it was truly an eye-opener. The decorations around the house, the amount of preparation done. The girl was very dressed-up too. In a full traditional Indian costume I think. With the sari, head-piece, bangles and other various accessories. Not forgetting henna on her hands and feet too. Her family also hired a professional photographer for the event.

Here are some photos taken from my lousy phone camera, so pardon the quality. I really regretted not bringing my DSLR along. The pictures will turn out great using that since the colours used for the decorations were so vibrant. Pity.

There were ALOT of people. Mostly relatives.
Some food items, mostly sweet stuff (it's one of the traditions too i think) and other items that are supposed to be placed here. She was also given gifts by her relatives, like saris, accessories, make-up, etc. And also some money like our angpows during Chinese New Year.
Guests were given flower garlands. Most tied it around their hair and so did I. :)

2 more photos to add! From Shaleni's digital camera haha.
A clearer pictures of the food and gift items? Haha.
Photo of the girl. She's very pretty! Nava says she looks like the Indian version of Kristen Bell. Imagine that!

After the ceremony, guests headed downstairs for food. The family even hired DJs! It was quite an elaborate affair I would say and it ended quite late. We filmed till 1 am! Hahaha, we made 4 boys do a dance to Jai-Ho. Very very cute. I might post the video up if possible?

I practically spent my WHOLE weekend filming for this project. Saturday was filming the ceremony while Sunday was to film the re-nactment of the process. Photos from Sunday will be up soon too, after I get them. Filming isn't easy really. Lots of details to consider and to take note of. Sometimes, things don't go the way you plan. But, it's a learning experience I guess.


I am finally meeting up with my dear Butt for some shopping and catching-up tomorrow. Excited once again. This time, I am bringing my DSLR along. ♥

Okay, have a great week ahead! :)

Yi Ting

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  1. i have never witnessed an indian wedding.. but nice insight over here =)