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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zen's Wedding Dinner

I love wedding dinners because of the food hahaha. I am such a glutton. The fact that it's a ten-course dinner just whets my appetitite. That night, my stomach seemed like a bottomless pit, I don't know why! I even had rice along with the dishes! At the end of the last dish, my stomach still 'had space' for more but too bad, the dessert was yam paste, which I don't really like. :( But it's okay cos it's not good to have a heavy meal for dinner anyway.

I brought my DSLR along because I told myself I am going to put it to good use and fully utilize it. It takes pretty pictures and I can have more 'fun and creativity' with it unlike normal digital cameras. Like adjusting the aperture, etc. I once mentioned that, ever since I started using the DSLR, normal digital cameras started to 'feel boring'. Because it's just 'point and shoot', that's it. Nevertheless, the normal digital cameras are much more convenient and light-weight, which is why I still use my digital camera. Well, you can't have the best of both worlds all the time.

Okay enough of me ranting, here are the pictures I took.

While on the way to Furama Hotel
Haha we took this when the car in front of us stepped on his brakes. So the red light on our faces are from the back light of the car.
Failed reflection shot hahaha.
With Daddy. We have the same noses!
With mummy. Monica says I got the same mouth as my mum. The only difference is the teeth cos my fourth teeth (from the men ya, on top) is sharp/pointed while hers is more squarish. Reason for this is because I eat more meat while my mum eats more veggies. Quite true!
Do you see a heart? :)

My very very cute and scarily intelligent cousin, Julian!
He was trying very hard to pick up something with a chopstick and his tongue stuck out involuntarily. Pity that this shot is blur. 

Apparently, my brother has a thing for 'food design'. He will arrange his food and present them in a visually-aesthetic way first, before he will eat them. 
Family photo! ♥

When we were leaving, a little girl gave me this blue rose. She had 3, she gave me and my mum one each haha. Isn't she such a darling! The rose is real though, they dyed it blue. It would have been prettier if the blue was a little more darker?


Yesterday, had my co-hosting assessment. And the grades were out surprisingly fast. Didn't do very well for that though. It wasn't what I had expected. Raquel thought me and monica were good but it's what the teacher thinks that matter. Oh well. But, we took our first class photo! Hahaha.

Everyone was dolled up that day, but with really heavy makeup! Cos the studio's harsh lights take away 50% of it. -.- The amount of blusher I had to put before it could show on screen was crazy! My cheeks looked like I had rashes or something. To put it in a less-nicer sounding manner, a monkey's butt. Yeah. Not nice at all, but nice on screen la haha.

My piece-to-camera grades were well, a surprise (a pleasant one).  But my not-so-good grades for this assignment means that I must do well for newscasting assignment. 

I can't wait for thursday to be over because I can finally get a short breather before the next pile of deadlines and assignments comes crashing in!

Jiayou to all CMM students who haven't been getting enough sleep/rest or time for other things hahaha. 

Okay, the time now is 12.05 am. I better sleep early because I got to reach school at 8.45 am tomorrow morning for editing work. :(

I hate it when I wake up to my alarm clock cos that means I can't sleep until I am full. (lol)

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  1. all the best for ur assignments! and gosh that 10 course meal really made my mouth watered