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Monday, July 19, 2010

First recording experience @ Dreambox Studios for 梦想起飞! :)

Before we went to the studio, we met Patrick 老师, famous hip-hop dance instructor extraordinaire. Looking forward to learning dancing from him!
Recording at the recording studio!
After recording, with  小龙, the sound engineer who was in charge of the recording. Together with Edwin 大哥, Seniors Elson and YP.
See the above plush toys? They are given to me and YP by Shirley and Evon!
Thank you Shirley and Evon for the plush toy! You guys are so sweet. :) 
See, they got one for each of us!
Okay, highlight of the day! It's definitely Shirley's Elmo!
Look, it's a "fan bai yan" Elmo!
Okay la, the eyes are at the back. So I think it's a factory defect. Hahaha. 

Edwin 大哥 came by to give us support too, thank you Edwin 大哥! I learn something new everytime we have a chat with him. I like listening to the stories that he shares with us. It gives us an insight to some things we might not even get to experience throughout our whole life. Oh and I realised yesterday that we have the same birthday haha. I have never met anyone who shares the same birthday with me although I  am already 18 years of age lol.

Thank you Serena, Shirley and Evon for coming down to give us support too! :)

So, I gave my first recording attempt to 梦想起飞 haha. 梦想起飞 is a combined effort by RIG for NDP 2010. It's composed and sung by Senior Elson and co-sung by me and YP. I am really excited about it cos it already sounded nice yesterday which means the end product would be even nicer!!  

A huge THANK YOU to senior Elson for this wonderful opportunity, for allowing me to be a part of this. :)

We will have a music video for the song too! It will be directed by Jessica and her team.

You guys will be able to hear this song as it will be hitting the airwaves soon! Really really excited about it. :D

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