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Sunday, July 11, 2010

More than I can say

Yesterday was my second time on stage. Some said I did better than my first attempt. That is well, good to hear I suppose. But I know it can be better.

 I learnt a lot after all that had happened so far. Especially the phrase, "Talk is cheap". There are many instances whereby you promised someone something. But you did not do so in the end. And what's left is nothing but disappointments because you have let the person down. So I guess, at the end of the day, what's most important is proving your worth than just literally painting a beautiful picture of what you intend to do. Because actions speaks louder than words.

Okay enough of my revelation. Pictures time!

With Shi Xuan.

With SillyKid.
THANK YOU SillyKid for the self-drawn spongebob! I will jiayou de! ^^
P.S: Haha, finally know your real name yesterday.
With Evon.
Also, THANK YOU for the self-drawn spongebob and the little message you wrote behind. I will jiayou one! And yes, I am enjoying the sanzha haha. :D
And thanks for the polaroid too! :)

Haha and hope you like the zi-pai of me you asked me to take. Your camera made it easy haha.

With Shi Xian.
THANK YOU Shi Xian for the honey drink and your hand-made gift! I think it's really cool because I have never seen something like this before. And it doesn't look easy to do so thank you for spending time and effort doing this. :)
Shi Xian made one for YP too, his was an Elmo haha.
With Serena. Haha first photo with her. :)
With Wei. 
With Angie and Wei.
With Angie.
With Edwin 大哥.

We went to Plaza Singapura for dinner after that. Initial plan was to catch Eclipse but it was too late already but it's hokay. Another day. :)
I simply love this collage hahaha. The sunglasses we are wearing belongs to YP anyway, it's nice. Ain't it cool? Look at Angie's caption for this hahaha! This is my current wallpaper for my lappy by the way. :)

Everyone did well yesterday I think. I really enjoyed watching Joseph and Joy's performance of 国王皇后. They make a cute pair haha. 

Let's all jiayou for our upcoming performances! :) 

You know I just realised that all 3 handmade spongebob art pieces that I received right, all the 3 spongebobs have got different expression and feeling to it. There's a "Happy-i-want-to-hug-you" spongebob and a "Oh-yes!" spongebob and a "HIII!!!" spongebob. Hahaha, do you know which is which? Or do you have a better caption.

Handmade gifts are ♥.

Okay I better go back to my schoolwork now. Talk to you guys next time!

Yi Ting

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