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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Olivia Ong Mini Concert @ TP

Before heading into the auditorium. The queue to go in was super long! See, we had to queue from outside.
Me with our tickets.
With the host, Ivy from Yes 93.3
Decided to buy her latest album haha.


A little shoutout to my readers! 

RIG is conducting a poll at campusrock to find out which artiste showcase to present on 29 August. So if would like me to have a showcase, do vote for me at the campusrock website. Click here. And vote for me, "Shanice Koh". 

Yes I finally have an 'English' name. Hahaha. I am still trying to get used to people calling me that though. So pardon me, if I don't respond when you call me by that name. 

Those who have previously voted for me for the "Most Popular Celebrity Talk Writer". THANK YOU for your time and effort spent voting for me. I greatly appreciate it. A million thanks. :)

Anyway, have a great day everyone. I should be blogging another post soon. Maybe tonight or tomorrow? 

With love,
Yi Ting 

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