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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I had a great and memorable time last Sunday at Punggol Plaza haha. 
Thanks senior Elson for the cute little souvenir you got us from the Shanghai Expo. The mascot reminds me of the character from "Day and Night", a short film played before the screening of Toy Story 3. Haha, it's cute.

With Angie and Jessica. :)
With Angie. :)
With Shi Xian. :) Thanks for the chrysanthemum tea!
With Shi Xuan. :)
With Jessica. :)
The RIG Family. Aww. ♥
With Evon! :) 
Thanks so much Evon for the sanzha!! :D As of now, the first bottle is half empty already. Haha, it should have been empty by now if not because my mum will nag. Lol.
     Pardon the crappy photo quality of my webcam.
Yum I love sanzha especially the layered kinds.

Yesterday, I went to Team Salon to do my hair. Thanks Paco, once again! :) Love the curls, cos it looks very sophisticated. 
Ignore the fact that I am wearing specs ah hahaha. The focus should be on the awesome hair anyway.
Anyway, Team Salon has a facebook page! Go 'like' the page if you haven't. Click here.
Photo taken during training sometime last week. Haha.

I love being a part of the RIG family. ♥♥♥
Anyway, YAY to Joy for being the fourth Royal Artiste!
Everybody, let's jiayou and work hard! :)

With love,
Yi Ting

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