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Friday, August 20, 2010

Awesome August?

Hello peeps! Time for a little update haha. My august is packed as you guys know, with YOG and other miscellaneous stuff. But I have to say, I have been enjoying my august pretty much. 

YOG's great. Although there are times when I have to stay till 2 am to finish up my work there. Tired ttm yes, but there are others who should be more tired than I am because they have duty everyday, reporting at 8 am and ending at 2 or 3 am! While I only have duty on alternate days, so they deserve a pat on the back. Jiayou guys!

 It's been a great experience meeting new people, being a reporter, meeting the athletes and other interviewees, attending events and covering stories. Food at MBS is good but I just have to say this, I love the food served at the Youth Olympic Village! (Ben, if you are reading this, don't roll your eyes k hahaha)

Some pictures to share:

Aaaah. I saw this on my tumblr. Patrick's drooling lol.
I love my tumblr, Tumblr's awesome. Follow me on tumblr if you have a tumblr account! Link is on the sidebar. :)

Next picture. I saw it when I was at YOV interviewing the athletes. I think it's such a pretty picture.


This is really random but I am really hungry right now. Despite so, I am bouncing with energy because I just completed by Sentosa commercial!! I managed to finish it by friday after all. It's a good thing I have the audio pro software (and the whole music effects folder. lol yes I downloaded everything to my hardisk) on my lappy if not I am so, so dead. But still, I gotta go school tomorrow to 'hand my work up' before heading off for YOG duty. 

Okay, I shall stop rambling here and try to appease my unsatisfied stomach.

Talk to you guys soon! 

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