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Friday, August 6, 2010

Behind-the-scenes of the RIG photoshoot.

Okay photos up! I am not posting all here though cos we took a total of 69 photos. You can view all the photos over at my facebook, click here.

We had our photoshoot at our usual haunt, the Esplanade rooftop! 
I love the picture above so much! And I love it even more after Angie did editing on the photo. Haha.
With Angie.
With YP.
With Elson.
Joseph took the above shot. It's nice although it's blur. Lol. Thanks houtian! :)
With Joseph.
Those hands belong to Joseph haha. Cool effect though.

Today marks the end of Year 2 Sem 1. But, I still have an assignment due next friday which I haven't started on. And all the audio suites are fully booked. Gosh. We have kiasu ppl in my course lol. Some people book slots everyday leh! Going to get an extension from Mrs Nah and I better start brainstorming on the idea for this assignment. 

Okay, back to practicing my songs for this sunday! :)

With love,
Yi Ting

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