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Monday, August 30, 2010

I had a great great week! :D

Sorry for the short 1 week hiatus! Was busy preparing for the showcase! But, like my title reads, I had a really great week! :D

Firstly, on wednesday! Me and YP went to Team Salon to give our hair a spanking new look! Haha. My virgin 'dye-hair experience' lol. And I really like my new hair colour. It's a pretty brown! :) Thank you Team Salon, thank you Paco and thank you Ivy! 

Evon met me that day too, to pass me the birthday gift she bought for me. Thank you Evon! :):):)
Ain't it cute? See, it even has a little zipper pouch at the back. Haha. 

After that, me and YP went to meet Angie for our showcase rehearsal. THANK YOU ANGIE, for the really lovely sunflower!! You picked a really pretty one!
See, I put it in a vase leh haha. This is how it looks like now lol.

On thursday, I spent my birthday rehearsing for the performance on sunday. Came back and saw my birthday present from my parents on my table! Hahaha. Thanks papa and mama for the perfume ah!! Finally got it yay! Love love love the scent so much. And of course not forgetting the card. Very meaningful content as alway Papa! ♥

I think I pretty much spent my whole week rehearsing lol. But I enjoyed all of the rehearsals very much! Reminds me of those times spent jamming with friends under TP's bridge or at anyone's house with a guitar hahaha.

On Sunday, the day of the showcase! 
With Wei Qian 姐. I have no idea what I am so happy about lol.
With Sillykid after the showcase! Thanks for the super super cute gift and birthday wishes again! Haha.
Very cute hand-drawn domo!
Even cuter spongebob!! :D

Thanks Evon and Sillykid for the board ahahaha. It was a pleasant surprise. :)

After the showcase, we finally got to take a photo together, Faith! Hahaha.
Angie and Jess with our new member, Roy! A very warm welcome to the family. Hope you enjoyed yourself with us yesterday and jiayou for subsequent performances! :)

I forgot to take a picture with my guitarist, Tan Jin yesterday! Haha so I am going to post up his secondary school photo LOL.
Tan Jin, I swear I miss your old hair HAHAHA.
Once again, thanks so so so much for spending time rehearsing with us and your sunday! :)
As promised ah, resume guitar lessons with you after our exams k! Jiayou for your papers!

Although yesterday's performance wasn't perfect, I enjoyed myself very very much. Thank you Swee Lee Music Cafe for the stage!! I had a great time. :)

Thank you the sponsors for the lovely goodie bag, Donut Empire, Angelsky8, Yami Yogurt, Frolick and KAI Boutique.  :) 

Thank you all those who came for the showcase, greatly appreciated! Also, thank you YP for sharing the stage with me. Elson and Wei Qian 姐 for being our guest artistes. And also of course, Boss and Edwin 大哥 for all the advice and everything! :)

But of course, THANK YOU everyone in the Royal Family.  ♥♥

I had a great Sunday and I hope you guys had a great sunday too! May all of you have a great week ahead! :)

More pictures/videos from yesterday will be uploaded soon.

Love love, 
Yi Ting.

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