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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What do you say to taking chances?

My hairstyle that day was done by Team Salon! Once again, thank you Team Salon for the sponsorship and thank you Paco! :) My curls came alive that day lol. 

I also want to thank the judges for all the critics they gave so I know what to improve on. It was a good experience "rubbing shoulders" with the rest of the contestants because they are good! One girl in particular, Li Hong (hope I got her name right), her rendition of 我是一只小小鸟 was so good. Power! And her range was like WOW.

With Sillykid! Thank you for the advanced birthday present. :) I saw the lovely message in the eeyore card. The eeyore is cute la! Very long never receive handmade birthday cards already. ♥
Thank you Sillykid and Evon for this cute coin pouch! Aaah just look at their faces lol. (below) 
With Evon.
With Shi Xian. Thanks so much for all the support and encouragement. :) :) :) I will jiayou one! Thanks for the chips too haha. 
With Shi Xuan. Thank you too! :D
With Joseph! He was very cute that day hahaha.
With Joy and Summer. :)


Tomorrow marks my first day of duty for YOG. There goes my sleep every alternate day. :( But I am looking forward to the buffet spread everyday though hahahaha. 

Marina Bay Sands is gonna be my partial home for August. Lol.

Note to self: You need to start studying for BMR!!! 


  1. Looks like you had a really lovely day!

    You're in Communications and Media Management? That's sounds so interesting!!


  2. Hello!

    Yup haha. It's an interesting course. Thanks for dropping by. :)