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Monday, September 6, 2010

August was great, but hello September and Hello Holidays!

Firstly, to kick-start this post, I want to say

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest senior, Elson!!
You have been a wonderful senior, thank you so much for all the support and encouragement you have given to me. May you will have an awesome birthday and may your 专辑大卖! :)

Yesterday was Elson & Faith's showcase and also Elson's birthday celebration at Swee Lee Music Cafe @ Scape. I am loving Swee Lee more and more everytime I go lol. Cosy environment and the staff are so friendly! Food is awesome too, keep hearing raves about their chicken teriyaki burger. Must try it the next time I am there.

Photos! Got more cos I still waiting for photos in jess's camera to be uploaded hahaha.
The cake I am holding is the donut empire birthday cake!
            Thanks Shi Xian for the birthday gift!! I got a surprise when I saw the spongebob figurine. Haha, I like it very much! The arms are fine don't worry. :)
Thanks Shi Xuan for the necklace too! :)

The 5 Royal Artistes! 1 missing though! And that's Dayan (YP) who's at UK now.

We held a farewell party for him on friday, titled "Bad Romance Friday" haha.
To me, the best part of the programme was when we were all singing 'Bad Romance' together. :)

Our starting pose to the song. LOL.

With Faith! 

That day, I also met Toywatch PR Ashley and Dao Yang. And Senior Elson is sponsored by Toywatch! :)
Toywatch comes from the US and their designs are for both men and women! I was browsing through their website and I love their designs. Especially from their latest collection, it has almost all the colours on the rainbow spectrum. Definitely a visual treat haha. So you guys should go take a look at their website (click here) because they will be opening at Orchard Ion!


This year, I received teacher's day presents LOL. Feels pretty much weird though heartwarming at the same time. :)

Some of the gifts the kids from my class at the tuition centre gave me.
I have a favourite student, but I don't show favouritsm okay! But what's not to like about this student when he's smart and kinda thoughtful given his age haha. And he was so cute, he tried to hide the gift he wanted to give me behind his back when I came then he shyly came up to me and said, "Cher, this is for you. Happy Teacher's Day." Haha then in the end, he 'opened' by present for me and his mum asked him, "Aiyo you so excited until become you open your teacher's present?"
The reason why he gave me this locket necklace is cos he wanted me to put a photo of me and him in it LOL so cute right.
This is the card he gave me, simple yet pretty.

Aside from the lucrative pay I get from teaching compared to retail jobs, I enjoy teaching because of the sense of satisfaction I get. The feeling I get when my students do well in their exams or when what I have been trying so hard to make them understand the past 30 mins finally gets through to their head, is something not every job can give. It's like sweet success lol. And I just love spending time with kids cos they remind of the innocence everyone had when they were a child, the simplicity some things used to be. And it's so damn easy to make them smile! Haha.

Well, to summarize this whole post, I can say that I pretty much had a great august. I hope september turns out great as well. I am a happy girl right now because BMR's gone for good (I hope) and my holidays are here! The first thing I need to do is to tidy up my study table. It's always messy after my exams with my files, papers, textbooks and other random items strewn all around, much to my annoyance. I hate a messy table cos it's not conducive for doing anything at all since it's such an eyesore. But, my laziness gets the better of me sometimes lol.

Okay, I should stop talking and go pack my table haha.
Talk to you guys soon! ♥

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