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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Half my block had a blackout on monday night. Suddenly, the lights went out and everywhere was pitch black, I had to feel my way out of my room to the living room! Turns out that a unit on the second floor caused the blackout. It didn't really affect me much but it did affect my brother cos he had an exam the next day and he didn't want to waste precious time. So he studied with a torchlight instead. My other brother, decided to have some fun with light painting since the surroundings were great for doing so.

To describe how my brother is feeling about his exam tmr.
My brother helping the other to shine the torchlight at his textbook hahaha.
My youngest brother attempting to write his name.
Studying with a torchlight.


Last sunday, I attended Peter's showcase. It was great. I particularly enjoyed the duets he did with his girlfriend, Joanna. Both of them are good! Here's one of the duets they did:

All the artistes with Peter.

I wanna say thank you to Peter for being so supportive towards all of us. Thank you so much! Continue to rock on yea! :)

We also met Ben's (the boss of Swee Lee Music Cafe) mother. She looks very young!

Thank you Esther for the very adorable Domo-kun keychain! :)

I went to Universal Studios yesterday and it was great fun with the YOG peeps. Photos will be up soon. Look out for it yeah? Have a great weekend everyone! :D

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