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Monday, September 27, 2010

Toywatch Launch 2010 @ Orchard Ion

 I would like to congratulate Toywatch on their successful launch! Also, thank you Toywatch for the invite to be part of the launch. The theme of the launch was "Star Gazers Nite" and it definitely was one. I liked the whole ambience and setting of the event.
With the CEO of Toywatch, Sandro Gibillaro
With Sam 大哥 from U-Weekly
 Us with Benjamin Heng and ESPN sports presenter, Jamie Yeo
With DJ Harry from Power 98.
With Jeff who was previously a DJ with Love 97.2 and DJ 恺缨 from 88.3 FM
With Yes 93.3 DJ 蕭嘉惠 and local singer, Jones 石康鈞 
With Ashley (above) and Dao Yang (below), both PRs of Toywatch.
I wanna thank Team Salon for styling my hair that day and Joseph's as well. Thank you! :)
  The Jelly Loop series, which is very interesting!
Models wearing the watches.
Ain't this pretty!

If any of those watches caught your eye, then head down to Orchard Ion to take a look! Or simply check out their website here.


On a side note, do take care everyone. As the weather's been kind of erratic lately. And it's kinda cold today. May all of you have a great week ahead. I hope I do as well haha.

Talk to you guys soon! ♥

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