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Thursday, September 23, 2010

You just had to throw a boulder into the calm waters and create ripples.

It's been a pretty exciting week for me. So, this post and the next will be a photo-heavy post as usual. :)

Last friday, I went to Universal Studios Singapore for the YOG workforce appreciation party. We got complimentary tickets and meal vouchers! (Y) Overall, I had a great time but, I think it would be even more fun if the "Battle of the Galactica" ride was open since it's the main attraction. And if it was open, we wouldn't have taken the mummy ride 4 times LOL. I went with Deanna and Ben first, then met Vicson, Joyce and Hui Jin along the way.

Before heading in.
The picture below is taken by a USS staff. We had to queue to have this photo taken you know and looked how it turned out. Pity.
Walking towards, "Egypt"! To take the ride I've been wanting to take after looking at the USS website hahaha. It's like my main purpose into coming to USS. The ride's called "Revenge of the Mummy" and it wasn't a letdown. It was good. Surprises along the way, pretty good drops and turns but I think the length of the ride is a little too short. It's over before you know it.
After taking it twice cos it was good, we went to have dinner! And it was super delish! It's real good food.
The mushroom soup was really made of mushrooms! Not like those that get served elsewhere which is obviously from the packets/sachets. And it's really CREAMY mushroom. Not diluted at all.
The chicken wings were good as well.
But the pizza was the bomb man. It was so huge! You know one slice, just a slice of it was bigger than my face?? You can roughly make out a slice from the photo above and compare it with my face! Ahahahaha.

After a very full and satisfying dinner, we went to take the Shrek 4D ride at the "Far Far Away" area.
We also took the ride at the lost world.
Aah see! This is the "Battle of the Galactica" ride. The tracks look awesome man.
Both photos blur but we look really happy lol.
With Vicson and Ben! Great knowing and working with the both of you. :)
And Ben, if you are reading this, cheer up yeah.
With Deanna!
With Victor and his quirky-looking drink.
Group shot!
Shall end this post with a picture of us while on the "Revenge of the Mummy" ride! Hahaha. The last 2 times we went on this was for the camera LOL. Cos we knew where the camera is already. 

Thanks YOG and USS for the complimentary ticket and meal voucher! 


The next post will be about the Toywatch Launch event at Orchard Ion on Tuesday, so look out for it! :)

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