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Monday, October 4, 2010

And what can I say?

The past week has been fun-filled. Finally met up with some friends I haven't seen in such a long while. Had an impromptu chalet and spent a day under the scorching afternoon sun at Sentosa. We booked the $38/night chalet which resembled an old kampung attap house. It was small, didn't have a toilet neither did it have a fridge. It only had 4 beds. But all these weren't an issue at all. Rather, it was some uninvited company we had with us throughout our stay in the chalet. Our 'guests' kinda freaked us out. Those who are following me on twitter will prolly know what I am talking about hahaha. Don't worry, it's nothing supernatural. 

Our 'guests' are actually TWO HUGE BLACK LIZARDS. They were as big, or maybe bigger than the size of my hands! But the fact that they were black really grossed me out. I've never seen such huge lizards! And coupled with the fact that they are jet black is just repulsive. I mean, just imagine!

It's fine when you don't see them, but when the lights go off and all gets quiet, you can hear them very distinctively since the chalet's so small. And it doesn't help that my mind immediately starts to wonder how near are they from me. But I think I should be thankful it isn't a giant flying cockroach. (oh horrors of horrors!)

Okay, shall leave that aside now lol. We are planning one last gathering before school reopens. This time, we are going ice-skating! Something which I've never tried before, so I am looking forward!

Now, photos from Joseph's showcase last Sunday!
 With Faith and Joseph.
 Now with the addition of Jess!
With Joseph! Shihlin laaaa!!

My holiday has been spent mostly on reading books, playing my guitar, singing and watching shows. Haha much to the envy of my brother who's mugging hard for his o levels this year. Dear brother, just a month more and you can enjoy all you want already okay? Sprint this last lap! Same goes to my 2 besties, Luyen and Alphonso for their A levels. :)

I am left with only 3 weeks before school reopens again. May October be a positive and exciting month for me! May you guys have a great October too. :D

Okay, the time now is 3.12 am lol. Better go sleep.
Goodnight world!

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