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Friday, October 15, 2010


I am looking forward to 7 November 2010, cos that's when my senior, Elson Soh 苏奕铨, will be releasing his full album! He's in the midst of recording songs right now and I know that his album will be a great success. Why? (other than his vocal prowess) Simply because of the following few reasons:

Reason 1: 
All his songs are all self-composed, and the melody coupled with lyrics from 黑夜老师. Perfect combination.

Reason 2: 
He can play quite a number of musical instruments! The piano, the guitar, drums, er-hu, violin and even the cello!

Reason 3: 
他有一双会电人的眼睛. Lols, I am serious. And I am not the only one who has mentioned this before too. Okay to put it in another way, he has eyes that talk. 

I admire his passion towards making good music, and then sharing it with everyone around him. And I truly appreciate it whenever he shares music-related stuff with me and helps me with my guitar/piano when I have any queries.

Here's a picture with him during his birthday celebration @ Swee Lee Cafe this year.
And recently we just did a video for OMY to celebrate their 3rd birthday.

He's serious when it comes to making music but there are times when he combines that with the "fun" element as well, using his sense of humour. The video below is one good example. 

Hilariously good, ain't it!


Anticipating 7 November 2010. 
Are you?

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