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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Same old, same old.

Yesterday was a day of catching up! 

In the afternoon, I met up with the people I met while working at the John Little Expo Fair 2 years ago? Which was after O' Levels. They made that particular work experience so much fun. 3 of us went to TP, one to NP and the other to NYP. After all the projects, deadlines, exams and other commitments, we finally found time to meet up for a chalet last week. No photos taken though. And we decided to have another meet up before school reopens. Initial plan was to catch a movie but after second thoughts, a karaoke session sounded like a better plan. 

An impromptu meet-up turned out pretty fine. Henry couldn't make it though. The next time we do this, we should really plan it properly. See you guys soon yeah! :)

After that, I went to visit my secondary school A.Math tuition teacher. He's a great teacher, he made me love maths like 40% percent more haha. And from an F to B is not bad right? (lol) The guys had a talk with him about A Levels, their current grades and NS haha. To think that the boys I've known since secondary 1 are going into the army soon. Time passes really fast. 

I am looking forward to meeting with all the above mentioned people soon again. I love meeting up with old friends, catching up and see how they've changed (if any haha). Now, the only people I've not met up with, are the girls from my secondary school! Hopefully, we can plan one where everyone can make it.

The holidays are ending soon! Looking forward to see my timetable for the next semester haha.

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