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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cos you're a casanova in disguise.

The above title has got absolutely nothing to do with this blog post. It's just my current msn status haha. I kinda like to post random quotes or sentences or phrases as my blog title.

Okay, so I realised I have some photos that I've not posted or blogged about yet. And before it gets further dated, here it is.

Before school reopened, I finally met up with the girls! We had a mahjong session followed by a steamboat. I had a winning streak that day and won one of the rounds with a super nice set. To sum the whole game up, everyone won at least one round except Monica. Even when we switched to playing UNO, her luck didnt get any better hahaha.

 Joke of the day: Monica (above) zha hu AND xiao xiang gong. HAHAHA.
 AND THIS SET ABOVE was the one that I won one round with! Cool ain't it! I forgot what's it called. But woah, I don't think I will ever get such a set again.
 UNO time!

After that, we went for dinner. Steamboat!
 While waiting for our food to come...
 The tom yum soup is really good!! Their mantou is really good too! We had like 6 plates or more I think. And now, we keep on going back cos of the mantou lol.
 Lol. Monica and her kelp.
 Group photo! Meet up soon for steamboat again okay girls?


Okay, so two weeks of school has past since it reopened. And this friday, I will be flying off to Japan already, which also means it's the day of my brother's last O' levels paper. Time passes very quickly. And then the following week onwards, I will have at least one assignment due every single friday, until term break. Sheesh.

But class this semester is so much more enjoyable cos my favourite people are in the same class as me yay! Which means for group project, we can work together again! Monica and tingky have the exact same timetable as me. Pity Eileen have some classes different from us. If not, it will be a 'full reunion' lol.

 With tingky (above)
Now including monica (below)

Can I just say that I love radio class? Hahaha. Finally it's time for radio!
Film class's pretty interesting too.

I have a strong feeling this semester will pass pretty fast. Like before we know it, it's 3.1 in the blink of an eye, which means internship!

Okay, I am off to bed now. Goodnight! :)

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