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Monday, November 8, 2010

For the love of music.

I had a very enjoyable and well-spent weekend with my RIG family.

On saturday, we had training, after which we all heard the songs that are to be recorded into the "用心聆听黑夜的故事" compilation album by the Performing Group! Of all the 4 songs, I like 如何去爱 the most so I am looking forward to the 'end product'. Peter got a very cool song, which I think suits him very well so I am looking forward to it too! I believe the PG will do justice to the 4 songs so everybody jiayou! :)

After that, we went to Crazy World Cafe for dinner. Okay, come to think of it, I really ate alot that day. Once again, everyone stop eating already but I am still eating! Just like that time when I had steamboat buffet with the girls. 

Here's a photo of everyone at our dinner table!

The next day, Sunday, was quite a day! Because...

First, was Peter's 春 音乐分享会 at SCOM, with Stephen as the guitarist cos it's an unplugged performance. I thought his showcase yesterday was the best out of all his showcase I've attended. Cos he interacted with the audience really well and I could tell that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as he enjoyed himself on stage. My favourite performance of his yesterday was 眼泪. One of the reasons being cos I could really feel the emotions in his voice.

师弟, I don't know if you will see this but I think you are really great so must jiayou jiayou jiayou okay? Your 师姐 also wanna say THANK YOU for sending me home after our events and gatherings. Thank you! And to Joanne 师妹, sorry I am unable to make it for your showcase this Sunday. But I know you will do a good job. I will give you my support from Japan haha! You jiayou too okay and thank you for living in the east side too LOL. :)

 With Celin and Jess after the showcase.
Group shot!

After the showcase, we headed down to Rock N Ash @ Marina Square to celebrate William's Birthday!

This was the birthday cake! Ain't it cute?
 The managers and the artiste group with our gift to Boss! 
Hope you like our gift! Must wear it out okay. 

The card don't have alot of space so I shall 'continue' here haha.

To Boss, 
Thanks so much for everything. Been in RIG for about a year already and I really learned and gained alot, be it through training, stage experiences/performances or scoldings (lol), etc. I am glad you 'spotted' me at the casting about a year ago and I truly appreciate all the wonderful opportunities you've given to me. I really hope I don't disappoint you, but rather, to be proud of me so that all your efforts and hard work that you've put in for the company and for us - the artistes and PG, are worth it. 
Once again, thank you and Happy Birthday! :)

 And ending with a group shot as usual! :D

I am flying off on friday. My whole family packed all their luggages already, except me! And I have a radio assignment due soon. I am kinda lazy to start packing. Think I got to settle that radio assignment first! Come on, yiting, don't procrastinate! 

Time to turn on the radio. Talk to you guys soon! :)

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