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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Autumn Leaves.

It's tomorrow! I am flying off to Japan tomorrow! Time passes really fast. When I knew I was going to Japan for holiday this year, I was thrilled. But I was more of "aiya still very long la". But no, so fast 12 November already. That also means the last day of my brother's O' level papers! I smell freedom coming his way hahaha. And he appointed me to be his 'stylist' for his prom. We shall see how eh, brother?

I've never been to Japan and also never been to a country during the time when the weather there is approaching winter. I seriously hope my coat is warm enough and the amount of layers I am going to wear is sufficient. Going through the itinerary, I see that we are visiting Mount Aso, a volcano! I am looking forward to this more than the hot springs, sand bath, etc. Cos I am very intrigued by volcanoes ever since learning about them in Geography. Hopefully the sulphur levels on the day we are visiting will be in the acceptable range.

But other than the amazing scenery Japan has to offer, I am very excited about the food! I heard the buffet there is very awesome. Yum yum, just thinking of the sashimi over there. :D

Some of you wanted to know my flight details, so here you go:

 Terminal 3, Row 10.  
Taking flight SQ656.

 I will reach the airport anytime after 10.45 cos the plane is flying off at 1 am.

I might not be able to have internet connection over there cos I am changing hotels every night as we will be travelling to different parts of Kyushu. So I think this might be the last blog post until I am back. But if I manage to get connection, I will say HELLO to you guys from Japan okay!

Till then, please do take care everyone. And bring an umbrella whenever you go out cos it's raining almost everyday and you don't wanna be stuck at some place when it rains cos you dont have an umbrella.

And now, I've got to go complete my radio assignment and start packing my luggage.
So talk to you guys in 7 days time I think? Will be back on the 17th. Take care! :)

With love,
Yi Ting.

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