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Friday, December 17, 2010

All that Jazz.

Last Saturday was extremely well-spent. 

Firstly, in the afternoon, I was at Liang Court judging a Kid's Best Dressed contest for Glamour Kiddies.

After that, me and Jess headed to the Chijazz concert 2010 @ Chjimes!

2 pictures to share!
Above: From Jess's iphone.
Bottom: Credits to Nicholas. A really lovely shot. :)

The lineup they had that day included Olivia Ong, Tay Kewei, Bonnie De Souza, Angelita Li and a few others. All the performances were really great, it was definitely an auditory treat! Especially for someone like me who loves Jazz. I am looking forward to next year's one already haha. And speaking of which, I should find time and visit Chjimes again. I've never been there till last Saturday and I think it's a really pretty place. Love the architecture and the feel of the place.

 Okay, the next post shall be about my long overdue Japan trip. Hahaha. Then after that will be about my showcase yesterday.

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