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Friday, December 10, 2010

Chop it off, chop it all off!

Hahaha. In this instance, it should be 'shave' instead, makes more sense.

We had a farewell dinner and movie the day before Jeff went in to serve NS. He went in yesterday so Monica decided to organise a "Jeff before BOTAK farewell dinner and movie". How apt right the word botak hahaha. Somemore for someone like him who places utmost importance in his hair. But it's all gonna be shaved away anyway. Lol.

We headed to our favourite steamboat place at Paya Lebar after school together with Tingky's sister.

Settled down at our table. And waited for Jeff and his friend to arrive.
 Ordering our ingredients for the steamboat! Very excited faces yeah hahaha. Cos we are famished.
 Waiting for our food to come and the soup to boil. 
Everyone else drinking my favourite lime juice but I got to drink plain water cos the doctor said I got to abstain from drinking cold drinks. :(
 Here it comes!
Crabs and cockles for Me and Monica!
 And they ordered tom yum soup!!! Tempt me only la. The tom yum soup here is super awesome! But if I drink, I bet my voice will be gone the next day. So, I can only eat from the chicken soup side.
 Sweet corn! :)
 Their mantou here was what made us fell in love with this place. Then after the mantou, we discovered the tom yum soup. And then on wednesday, we discovered that their self-made meefen is very good too. Haha. I want to try their Dong-Po 肉 but none of them want to cos they think very gross. 
 With Tingky's sister!

After dinner, we headed to The Cathay to catch Narnia in 3D. The movie was good but not much 3D effects I think. Only the water scenes. Other than that, I don't think there's much difference between that and the non-3D one.

With Mon! :)
With Jeff, he should be botak by now. Hahaha.
Group shot yeah!

The rest of my male friends are going in next year. Wonder how they are gonna look like botak lol.
Monica, if you are reading this. Trust me la, 2 weeks will past very fast one. With the amount of deadlines we have on hand now. Sure past even faster.

We jiayou for MEP together okay! Cos I think softwares not my thing too lol.

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