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Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010 and Hello 2011!

As promised, pictures from my showcase 2 weeks ago. Lol.

Photo credits to Christopher! Thanks so much once again for taking the time out and for taking such lovely shots! :)
Shot of the day hahaha. I have no idea what I am laughing about. Must be something Joseph said.

My family came that day. :)

Thanks Caz for bringing your friend and for coming down too. :)
With Tsang Sheng. 
With my bestie, Alphonso. The other bestie couldn't make it that day. Haiya.
With Yin Le.
With Bryan, a pleasant surprise!
Thanks guys for coming! It was like a super mini 2GR gathering lol. We should seriously meet up to catch up again before you guys all go in to serve NS.
With Ben! Best partner to work with during YOG. You made YOG duty so much more awesome, I think I told you that before right? Pie-Day alright! :)
 With the musician (guitar & piano) of the day, Stephen! Thanks alot of your help. It was great working with you. And yep, improve on your jazz techniques! That would be really awesome. But nevertheless, you are still a great pianist/guitarist. :)

Although we didn't have alot of time to prepare/rehearse for this, still I hope you guys liked the song selections and enjoyed yourselves that night. Hope to see y'all again at my next showcase and it will be an even better one, I promise!

Last Sunday was kinda epic lol. Fellow colleagues in RIG should know what I mean. But hey, I managed to come out of the shower within 10 mins, broke my record already hahaha. But okay, that's not the main point here. Last Sunday was the Grand Finals of Ultimate Star Search and I was there as Guest Judge. 

2nd runner-up!
The winner! 
Who is now my 师弟. Here's welcoming Dayan or Kai Xun into the Royal family! I loved your performance that day, especially for <说一次你爱我>. I thought it was wonderfully done. So jiayou and do RIG proud alright! Don't be so shy k and work hard for your studies! I believe you can do it. :)


It's been a wonderful December! Tomorrow's the last day of the month and also the last day of the year 2010. I think this year went by pretty fast. But nevertheless, it was a year well-spent, very meaningful and and very enriching. There were quite a few firsts, met new people, made new friends and I got to know some of my old-friends better. 

Especially Monica and Butty. 
Monica, I am so thankful we've been in the same class every year since Year 1. Heehee. 
Dearest ButtyI am glad you are my bestie, nobody knows me better than you do. I call you Butty more often than I call your name hahaha. If I call you by your name now, it's gonna feel weird, right! Let's have a sleepover very soon okay! You are a busy 上班族 now haha but you must find time for me k!

In 2010, I...
  1. Said goodbye to my virgin hair. Hahaha. Had curls and loved them.
  2. Went for an overseas exchange programme with the University of Western Australia in Perth! It was my first overseas exchange programme and it turned out to be an experience I would not forget. The Aussie students were friendly and it was alot of fun hanging out with them while they were in Singapore or when we were in Perth. I felt homesick for the very first time, experienced my first ever hailstorm, went star-gazing at 3 am, had a whole bottle of beer to myself (lol), saw the most gorgeous sunset. To sum it up, I basically had a whale of a time with some pretty awesome people. :)
  3. Was part of the YOG media team. Experienced what it's like being a reporter, had taxi coupons every night (Y), went home at 3 am for a few nights, worked with a crew. Once again, met awesome people! Among those include Ben and Vicson. You guys were great to work with! :)
  4. Been to Japan for the very first time. Had my first authentic Japanese food, saw volcanoes, saw one which had a mini eruption, had my first hot sand bath.
  5. Last but the most important and significant of all, being a part of RIG. This is going to be long heh.
Without RIG, my 2010 would be vastly different. I believe my life this year wouldn't be as 'colourful'. Cos of RIG, I had my first print advertisement, got invited to launches/openings/movie premieres, stepped into a recording studio, took part in mediacorp productions, filmed a music video, got casted in an international film and of course had my first ever public singing performance and a few music showcases to call my own and many others. 

Other than all these wonderful experiences, I met people who loved music/singing as well or held a passion for this industry. Those are the people who make up the Royal family and they are also the very reason why I enjoy hanging out and being a part of the Royal family so much. You guys are like my second family, I like the bond that we have, the fun and laughter all of you bring. It's really heartwarming. 

All of the above wouldn't be possible without Boss. Thanks William for everything you have given me. Be it all those experiences, opportunities or even scoldings, I appreciate all of it from the bottom of my heart. I've truly learned alot this year through all of the above mentioned and it has helped shaped me in a certain way or so. I thank your effort in grooming me, take the most recent one, sending me to dance class. I will work hard, do my best and make you and RIG proud. Once again, thank you! :)

Next, I wanna thank Elson for the support and advice/encouragement you've given me thus far. You really make a great Senior, can't ask for anyone better. Feeling really exultant for your album sales! Congratulations! Here's wishing that your album sales soar to greater heights! Rock on! Those of you who have not bought it, head down any CD-Rama outlets cos stocks are replenished! :)

Third person I wanna thank is Joseph! The first time I met him was during the shopping shoot I did for 联合早报 and he had to carry my bag hahaha. That was the first time he carried someone else's bag other than Elson's, and then there was a second time, third time and more. Lol. But really Joseph, jokes aside, I can't thank you enough. You are a super affable person, did you know that? Please please take good care of yourself in NS okay? Don't let anyone bully you hor. Haha. And our <爱如潮水>, sure got chance to sing one! :)

Fourth, Jessica. 伟大的母爱, you really are, that term pretty much sums up what I think about you. And you are such a genius! The christmas gift you gave me, I so needed that! Plus, it's brown! Hahaha. Thank you for that and everything else! :)

Fifth, I would like to thank the entire performing group. Peter, Joanne, Celin and Micka. You guys are in the midst of recording for your compilation album this week. Joanne and Peter have already completed theirs. Celin and Micka, you guys are next. 加油加油 okay! You guys can do it. Your 师姐 is really happy to have you guys in the company. A little shoutout to Peter and Joanne, thank you so much for sending me home everytime and for taking good care of me haha. Glad to see you all cutting down on cigs. I know your can do it, persevere alright! Celin is almost succeeding already haha. I am proud of you guys! :)

Next, Stephen, our music director. It was great finally having someone in the company who listens to English songs, especially Glee and Jazz! Haha. I enjoyed working with you for my showcase or basically talking about songs/music. Thank you! Hopefully, I get to learn pop piano from you soon alright? :)

Seventh, my two other managers, Serena and Jian Zhong 哥. Serena, I am looking forward to your wedding next year. Shall save what I want to say till then. :) Jian Zhong 哥, thanks for casting me in the  film (would also like to thank the entire cast, director and crew of "M18". It was great working with all of you) and everything else. Good food is our thing yeah! Lol. Thank you, to the both of you. I will work hard! :)

Eighth, Bryan 师兄 who's in Malaysia. Though I don't see you often but I wanna say thank you to all the encouragement and advice you have given me and also for writing my song. Thank you! And hope to see you soon. :)

Next, Yumi 师妹, though I only know you for a short period of time but you seem like a nice girl. 加油 alright! :)

Tenth, Cat 姐 and Juan 姐. Don't know if the both of you will see this but I want to say thank you to the both of you for taking such good care of me at events. Thank you! :)

Eleventh, all the supporters who support RIG, Elson, all of the other artistes and PG artistes. Especially Sillykid, Shi Xian and Shi Xuan. You girls gave me a lot of encouragement. Sillykid, thanks for the little cards you would give me, I like reading the messages you have for me. Thank you! :) Shi Xian, thanks for all the handmade gifts you have made for me. I really appreciate it, alot, because I know you spend alot of time and effort in doing them. Thank you. :)

Other than people in RIG and the supporters, of course I would also like to thank the sponsors.

Thank you Liz and Team Salon for being my hair sponsor. Thank you so so much. Thank you for styling my hair for events, especially for the Megamind Gala Premiere event. The hairstyle I had really brought out the character I was supposed to portray. I think without the hairstyle, I wouldn't be able to achieve the same feel. And also, for giving my hair a new colour. I like it very much and quite a number of people have asked me about the colour. A shoutout to Paco, I just wanted to let you know that I like the styles you have given me so far. I think you are a great stylist, especially when it comes to dealing with curls. :) Thank you Team Salon and the team of stylists. :)

Thank you Kee Song Group, Mdm Ong and Mr Sim for having me at your events. Thank you! :)

I hope I didn't miss anybody out haha. Thank you all for making my 2010 such a wonderful one. I look forward to another great year with all of you. 

To all my RIG colleagues/mates. Let's all put up a great show on 1 Jan 2011! Everybody 加油! :)

To my readers, we are having a Welcome 2011 Concert at Chinatown Point from 1 pm to 5 pm. So come and join us to welcome 2011! Not only are we performing, we will also be playing games with the audience so we hope to see you there! :)

To everyone, let's all have a fantastic year 2011! :D

With lots of love,
Yi Ting

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