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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello there, December.

Oh my god, a HUGE APOLOGY for the long hiatus! About 3 weeks now, longest yet. Sorry that I didn't blog when I got back from Japan! Had to start rushing all my school deadlines. My film journals, TV programme proposal and finally my radio commercial assignment.

Next up I have due is my film term paper proposal, cross cultural assignment 1 and skills test!
I listed down all the deadlines and important dates on my calender. And I see something due every week. Which is why I am totally looking forward to the term break. 


This was how I spent my Saturday, on the week I was back:

Guest Artiste at the Asia Pacific Food Expo for Kee Song Group with my senior, Elson.


Then I spent the next weekend which was the weekend that just passed filming "M18", a local film I am part of. 

I know I should be blogging a post about my Japan trip which is what I usually do when I come back from overseas haha and yes the post will be up soon, a picture filled one as always.

Meanwhile, it's December already so Happy December, everyone! :)

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