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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Japan was good. Especially the sights and the food.

This long long overdue post is finally up! Sorry for taking so long. It's been about a month since I got back from Japan. But better late than never yeah? Haha.

Unlike my Perth trip posts, this isn't going to separated into parts. I am going to post it all in one post. Not all the photos that I've taken are here cos I uploaded a total of 511 on facebook. It would be madness posting all here so I will post the links to the albums at the end of this post if you would like to see more shots. We changed hotels every night cos we were travelling around the whole of Kyushu.

So here we go:

Day 1
Left Singapore for Fukuoka, Japan. 
After arriving at Fukuoka Airport and boarded our bus, we started our tour straight away.

First stop: Kujuku Islands (99 Islands)
Took a ferry.

 The purpose of those round objects are I think to fish for oysters?
 The interior of the ferry.

After that, we had lunch. 
This soup was super delish! I think it must be the egg haha.

Second stop:
 People folded paper cranes in remembrance of the victims of the atomic bombings.
Lined up outside of the museum were trees that looked like this. A very pretty sight.
 And so we took a family shot.

3rd stop: Glover Garden
We had to climb up a mini hill to reach the garden. Along the way, I saw this,

 Looks like a house out of some fairytale book la. Haha.
 The entrance of the garden. Very grandeur-looking. 
 Buildings inside.
 I was doing the thumbs-up sign but cos I was wearing black gloves, it blended it with my jacket. Lol.
 The carriage is so pretty! The most un-blur shot I could get cos of the dim light which resulted in slow shutter. But I think got the dreamy effect though.
 Another fiction-looking house.

4th stop: Peace Park.
 The Peace Park is where the bomb landed. So they erected this statue to remind people the importance of peace, hence the name, "Peace Park."

Day 2
 The hotel lift lobby.

First stop: Sakura-jima Island.

We took a ferry ride whereby our tour bus went in too so we could get to our destination faster. It was parked at the bottom deck. There were 2 buses of school students too. And they were all on the upmost deck feeding seagulls.
 2nd stop: Ramen for lunch!
 In Japan, they sell their cigarettes in vending machines. Hmm.

3rd stop: Udo Jingu Shrine 

We had to go through a tunnel first. 
 Was trying to evoke a kind of feeling with this black and white shot haha. Seems pretty emo.
It's said that if you manage to throw this thing that they are selling at the counter in the space within the rope, then your wishes would be granted.

Saw a few young japanese girls in their traditional costume.

 Mango sorbet! Wasn't very cold that day. And the texture of this sorbet was very smooth!
 Had oyako-don for dinner!
After dinner, we had a hot sand bath which I've never experienced before. It was quite an experience. No photos though cos I was afraid my camera would fog up due to the heat. Don't want any moisture in the lenses. 

Not much places to visit on Day 2 cos we spent a total of 5 hours travelling on the bus that day. Plus, the sun there sets early.

Day 3
 Very traditional Japanese breakfast.
 This was the view I had from the balcony of my room.

First stop: Lava Road.
 The whole road was covered with 'black dust' which is actually volcanic ash. 
 My two brothers.
 2nd stop: Ashiyu foot bath.
 Guess what happened when we were having the foot bath? A volcano nearby had this very 'mini' eruption. We suddenly heard this very loud rumbling and we turned in the direction of the sound and saw this,
 I heard one of the kids say, "Are we going to die?" Haha so cute.
 It was divinely good. I hate to think that I won't be able to find shabu-shabu in Singapore that is equally good. 

4th stop: Mount Aso ( a volcano)
This was the place I was so looking forward to the moment I saw the itinery. I have been intrigued by volcanos ever since studying about them. 

It was a long winding road up with some pretty amazing sights. And the temperature dropped as we drove higher.
 Horses! One of my favourite animals. 
 Took a cable car up to the volcano.
 The crater! 
It was an amazing sight but it was hard to breathe cos not only was it cold, the smell of sulphur and other gases were very strong. It kinda stung, very pungent.
 My brother said his ears hurt from the cold. And the ear muffs didn't do much cos he only put them after he felt the pain.
 So the moment we were back in our bus, he tried to warm them with his jacket hahaha.
While, my other brother had hot coffee. They have vending machines everywhere.
 The way down and saw this. I am not sure whether this is a crater.
 The setting sun.
 5th stop: Dinner!
One of the best dinners I had since I arrived in Japan. Cos I had sashimi, like finally!! Pity there was no swordfish though.
 Prawns which were super fresh!
 Chawanmushi. :)
 Some soup, I forgot what was in it.
 The hotel we were staying at already has their christmas decorations up and it was a very pretty sight.
I love the blue.

 Day 4
Okay this was the day I broke my 'quota' of the amount of eggs I can have. I love eggs but I know it's not exactly very good for my body if I have too much. So I limit myself to 2 eggs a day. But ah, they had so many types of eggs for breakfast over here and I simply couldn't resist, much to Monica's disapproval when I told her. 
 I had a sunny-side up, an omelette, an egg roll and this egg dish which I've never seen before. 
 This is the egg dish. I don't know what's the liquid that it's placed it. But it taste slighty salty. Oh and it's served cold.
 The spread of food!
 The hotel we stayed at.

1st Stop: Kumamoto Castle.
 There was this lone tree with yellow leaves when all the other trees around it had green/red leaves haha. A pretty cute sight.
 The view from the top of the castle.
2nd stop: Suizenji-Koen Garden.
 See that man in green? He's our Japanese tour guide.
 Me and my mummy.
 Thought this small hill was quite a contrast with the extremely blue sky.
 A family shot under 'autumn leaves'.
 There was this golden retriever outside a shop on our way back to the bus.
I love golden retrievers and this one was really beautiful. The fur was super soft and silky haha.
 3rd stop: Lunch @ Mosburger
 I can't remember which burger I ordered but I think it had prawns in it. It was really good.
 Then we saw this little girl squatting at the counter. Had no idea why but she's adorable.
 After lunch was shopping, so no photos.

4th stop: Shopping & Dinner at Canal City.
 Of course I will order sashimi. But again, no swordfish, haiya pity.
 The shabu shabu we had the other day was so delish that we decided to have it again but at a different restaurant. I thought the previous one was nicer though.
 After dinner, we walked around and it was quite a sight to behold. The christmas decorations are simply gorgeous!
 Look at this 'house'! Sublime isn't it?
 The colours inside change every few seconds.
 Here's the interior.
 Super gorgeous.
 My brother and I thought it would be fun to do a little "light-painting" since the lights were so colourful.
 After that, we headed back the hotel we would be staying at for the night. 
This hotel had free internet access from the TV! But it was hard to navigate cos there was no keyboard or mouse, only a trackpad on the remote. And I had no idea why but it kept crashing. So, I gave up.

The bed was more comfortable than mine can lol.

The next day, breakfast! Breakfast was amazing. The spread was like 7 metres long. They had all sorts of cuisine, a very wide variety to offer.
 And this blueberry pastry was very very very palatable. Yum yum. Am I tempting your taste buds? Haha.

After breakfast, we headed to the airport for our flight back to Singapore.
Group shot! 

I think the next part of Japan I wanna visit is Hokkaido! I know got lots of good food! Hahaha.

Okay, here are the fb album links:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Cheerios! :)

I realised this post is so long that another post I blogged today has been pushed to the second page! Haha.

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