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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fantastic start to 2011.

Hello hello! How has everyone's 2011 been going?
Mine has been pretty crazy. School, work and everything else. Despite having a busy and packed schedule, it's been fun-filled. Now that I have time for a little breather, it's time for some updates about what I've been up to recently!

Firstly, on the first day of the new year, my fellow RIG colleagues and I put up a "Welcome 2011" show at Chinatown Point.

Special thanks to sillykid for making the board!
We love blue laaaa hahaha. Cos you know aside from purple, blue is also a royal colour. Ever heard of the term, "blue blood"? Get the link? Lol.

Then last monday, I did a shoot for Kee Song Group's Cordyceps Chicken with Elson. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos.

Getting makeup & hair done. Thanks Betty! :)

On friday, my group did our recording for a TV programme module. Our interviewees were cosplayers. And check out the costume man! It looks amazing plus it's self-made!
Cool hor the costume?

On Sunday, I did the CNY greeting video for OMY with Elson and Joseph. It's up on OMY already, do check it out if you haven't cos we are giving away 3 extremely cute cat figurines called, 幸运猫. There's a 多福猫,多寿猫 and 吉祥猫 to be won! Click here to watch and find out how to win. Good luck! :)

Boss gave me the big spongebob and the domo. The other 3 spongebobs, he got it from those 'toy-grabbing machines'. He's damn good at that la! I always thought it was near impossible to get anything out of those machines lol.
All sitting happily above my chest drawer. Lol.
My first Domo-kun! Thanks to boss.
I realised both domo and spongebob are 'rectangular-shaped'. Lol but this does not mean I like rectangular cartoon characters ah. I like the both of them cos they are super funny. Love the cartoons. 
The "three yellow musketeers." I can only think of a name for the one on the extreme right. Say hi to "TOOTHY"! LOL. I can't really think of names for the other two. Anybardy wanna help with suggestions? Haha.
But this one is my favourite among the 3. The cutest I think!
Oh yes and those of you who were wondering how my room looks now with the new colour, here it is. This blue is the colour I have on my walls now. The above few, not very accurate cos I edited the photos. Hmm but this blue is not the exact blue that I want though but I think it's better than the previous colour hahaha.

Then on the Wednesday that just passed, was both my 师兄s' showcase, Elson & Bryan! It was superb and so much fun. Teffy, one of the important figures behind Elson's debut album who did the music arrangement, mixing and mastering attended the showcase too. When Teffy was on the piano, it was simply sublime man. Awesomely sublime.
With Bryan 师兄. :)
With Teffy and his wife, Daisy. :)
She was so pretty that night. And she's a superb singer as well. Her rendition of "Loving You". (Y)

Then the next day, which was Thursday was me and Joseph's showcase. His first time at Echoloft and my first time working with him.

Photo credits to Joycelyn:
This shot very candid haha.
Thanks to all those who went. You guys enjoyed yourselves, right? :)

Then yesterday was another packed day. 

First, I had a performance at Chinatown Point before the meet-the-cast session of the movie 大世界.

Then afer that, I headed down to Bugis for my secondary 2 class gathering. It's been like I think 4 years since we last had a secondary 2 class gathering. And speaking of class gathering, I forgot to organise my primary 6 one. Again. Sorry ex-classmates! Soon soon alright?

We had steamboat and listened to Chow Han's grouses about this girl and his ODAC teacher LOL. His content was absolutely amusing. 
I've never seen clams this huge before! And it was quite good!

After that, we headed to Mindcafe. That 'slapo...' game thing was good. Although the concept was simple but it's good fun. We played 2 rounds only though but I won for both rounds. Yay. Hahaha. 
Choosing which game to play before settling for the one mentioned above.
Group shot!


Alrighty, that's all I have been up to the whole of January, aside from mundane school work and other stuff. Having a radio skills test tomorrow and 2 other projects due this week! Film term paper due soon as well so I should start watching those films!

P.S: It's 2 more weeks to Chinese New Year! Have you finished your CNY shopping yet?

Talk to you guys soon! ♥

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