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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Green Hornet Movie Screening @ Orchard Cineleisure

I shall let the photos do the talking first. :)
 On the way up to level 4 to The Lounge @ Hotdog factory to get our tickets and Domino Pizzas!
The registration booth to get your tickets and goodie bag.
Green green goodie bags.
Got our tickets!
Now time for pizza!
 Invited guests getting their slice of the yummy Domino Pizza.
With Ting, the Chief Operating Officer for Domino Pizza Singapore & Malaysia.
My favourite pizza of all time! Hawaiian! 

With Alvin from OMY.
Invited guests and bloggers waiting to enter the cinema.
With blogger, Mint. :)
And more bloggers! From left: Estelle, William, (I think she's called shanice too but ain't sure if it's spelled the same way haha), Mint, Elson, Ying Zi and me.

After that, it's time to head into the cinema!
 Elson with his 3D glasses on.
 And me with mine.
 Ting giving a welcoming speech before the movie starts.
Cool shot lol.
After the movie ends, a photo of us with our 3D glasses on!
Mint, Elson, Me and William.

Thank you OMY for the invitation and Domino's Pizza for arranging this movie screening. :)


I liked the movie cos it combined some elements of moral values with a touch of humour. Especially during the dialogues between Jay's character (Kato) and Seth Rogan's character (Britt). And of course not forgetting the scenes that involved stunts. The choreography for the fighting scenes were pretty exciting too. Oh yes, and also the fact that the movie is in 3D. I would say it's a movie worth watching, especially to Jay Chou fans, cos other than it being his first Hollywood movie, his character is a humourous one. 

Rating: 3.5/5


On a side note, after taking film theory class for one of my modules, I can never watch film in the same way again. For example, this film made use of the colour accent thing, and my mind kept going, "Oh the colour accent technique!..." My mind will automatically run through why this technique was used in this film, the motive, etc. Lol. Okay I think only fellow classmates will know what I am talking about. Haha.

I don't think it's a bad thing though. And film theory classes introduced to me to a couple of really good films. If you haven't watched "Schindler's List", you should watch it. It's really good. My class watched "Silence Of The Lambs" in class this week. I am not really a fan of gore but this was tolerable. I liked the fact that it had alot of surprise elements. 

Okay films aside, an update on what I will be up to this weekend.

I will be performing before the meet-the-cast session of《大世界》at Chinatown Point from at 1 pm tomorrow (29 Jan, Sat)! And after that, I will be the guest artiste for my senior, Elson Soh's debut album music showcase at Social House @ Liang Court. The event starts at 9 pm and ends at 11 pm. Admission is free! But you needa be above 18. :)

Alrighty, see you there then! 

With love,
Yi Ting

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