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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Here's wishing my readers a very Happy Chinese New Year!

It's Chinese New Year's eve! Time passes so fast. And I've been packed with school work, events, performances, etc that I just realised I forgot to do 2 things that I do for every CNY. First is to book a manicure session which means I got to DIY my nails this year. And the next is that I forgot to print a new set of photos for my photoboard!!! Aaah which means, those photos on my photoboard would be exactly the same as last year. No new photos. :(

Oh well.

Anyway, I am glad that my family's having reunion dinner at home tonight! Last year we tried having it at a restaurant which wasn't exactly favoured by my brothers and I. We prefer it at home, steamboat, with all the yummy ingredients we would like. Shall take photos of this annual feast tonight!

This year's CNY seems to come so fast that I didn't really spend much time shopping for clothes. So, nothing extremely nice this year then. Haha. Looking forward to 初二 and 初四 though. :)

Some photos to share! Remember for a TV programme module I had, my group invited cosplayers on our show? For our next recording, we will be inviting a guest to demonstrate "How to wear a Yukata". Haha the reason why our show is always related to the Japanese culture is cos we are using Tingke's ideas for both. She loves the Japanese culture. We were having a demo/rehearsal recording last friday and here are some behind-the-scenes photos!
 Before the first rehearsal.
And then, after rehearsal was over. Me and the yukata which I wore on my own with some help from Tingke la haha.
That thick black sash around my waist is called an obi. And it was so tight that it works like a corset. Tingke said the Japanese will tie it even tighter than she did.
With Juanne.

Speaking of school, I think me and most of my schoolmates will be spending our CNY doing schoolwork, especially fellow coursemates who are taking the Film Theory module. Cos we have a film term paper due on Monday. And out of the 3 films I have to watch, I only watched the first 30 mins of one. And out of the 5 reference books I borrowed, I only finished one. So, I know I will be spending my CNY doing schoolwork. Which means I will bring my laptop along to 拜年 hahaha.


Anyway, here's wishing YOU, who's reading this now,  a very Happy Chinese New Year! May you have a blessed new year, with good health, fortune and happiness. If you are working, have a prosperous career. If you are a student, all the best to your studies, score with flying colours! Have an extremely awesome year ahead! Happy Chinese New Year! :)

With lots of love,
Shanice (Yi Ting)

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