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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Estee Lauder Blog Post 2: Reviews!

And I'm back with my second post! :)

So, I have been using the products since the day I got it. Now, it's time for my review of the products!


I always had the misconception (i'm sure many of you do too), that whitening means making your skin tone a few shades lighter. That is not entirely accurate. Whitening means brightening, by getting rid of dullness in your skin and those dark spots. With all those problems gone, you can have that luminous skin you always wanted that glows and of course also look fairer. Isn't that what all women wish for their skin?
And Estee Lauder products are perfect at helping you achieve that because they have over 25 years of brightening expertise! What's even better is that, this new range of CyberWhite Brilliant Cells is developed for Asian skin! Most of us know that Asian skin and Caucasian skin are a little different, which is why Estee Lauder conducted a study to understand the physiology of Asian skin better.

Here's what they found out:

  • Other than the three most common dark spots, Barely Visible Spots, Small Surface Spots and Stubborn Age Spots, they discovered a fourth one found in Asian skin, and that is the persistent Recurring Spot.
  • But dark spots aren't the only attributing factor to uneven skin tone in Asian skin.
  • There are 4 key factors that results in dullness and discolouration of the skin which takes away our natural luminosity that we have. And they are, Dehydration, Uneven Skin Texture, Disorganized Collagen and Poor Microcirculation.

Don't all those above problems sound familiar? Which is why Estee Lauder have for us this spanking new range which targets each of the above problems and developed it meant for Asian skin.


Okay now it's time for my review.

1. The Brightening Moisture Lotion
toner lotion
This is used after cleansing of the face. This is an essential step to prepare the skin to receive the full benefits of the entire product range. It's something like a toner. And just like the name suggests, it hydrates the skin and also softens, soothes and conditions it. My skin feels instantly refreshed after this step.

2. The Brightening Essence

This is THE ONE that TARGETS all those spots and all those problems. It also illuminates your skin by brightening all those dark spots, all of which helps the skin to regain and maintain our natural clarity and radiance. It comes in this silky, opalescent serum form as you can see from the picture above. And it does not feel heavy at all, in fact my skin feels very comfortable.

3. The Moisture Creme/Milky Lotion
IMG_2494moisture creme

This is something like our moisturizers. The reason why there are two types in the title is because the first is for dry to normal skin since it's more lightweight while the latter is for combination/oily skin which is more luscious and skin nourishing. I was given the moisture creme which is why there's only one type in the above pictures. In case you were wondering, I have combination skin. But, the moisture creme works fine on me. It does not feel very heavy as some moisturizers will. My skin cells feel contented. You know the feeling you get when you are extremely warm and thirsty, then someone hands you a bottle of iced water? That is exactly how my skin feels after putting on this moisturizer. It makes my skin more supple as well. It's also meant to help strengthen the skin's moisture barrier.

4. The Brightening UV Protector

Oh sunblock (as it's also known). I've always had issues with it. My aunt's attempts (I lost count how many) at trying to get me to use sunblock since I was the age of 16 failed every single time she tried, until I was 17 plus. She was always saying that I should start caring for my skin early and sunblock is very important blah blah. I say blah but, IT CERTAINLY IS IMPORTANT!

If you don't use sunblock, then all those previous steps of prepping and caring for your skin will be kinda pointless. Furthermore, we are living in sunny Singapore! When we have the sun mercilessly shining on us all year round. And what do we get from all those sun exposure? UV rays which our skin does not entirely benefit from other than the vitamin D, because UV rays are the primary cause of spot formation! Which is why sunblock is a very essential step in our skincare regime. I am glad I took my aunt's advice in the end at the age of 17 plus, well it's better late than never right?

The reason why I didn't want to use sunblock was because most of the sunblocks I've tried makes my skin feel greasy, oily and uncomfortable, you know like you can feel a layer of something on your face? And it's not a very pleasant feeling. I disliked this feeling to that extent that I would go swimming and do water sports without putting sunblock at all. Hmm not very good for my skin now that I look back. But anyway, moving on haha.

So whenever I am shopping for sunblock, my main concern is that it cannot feel greasy or oily on my skin and definitely not feel heavy. That is the reason why I like this sunblock! It does not feel greasy/oily or heavy on my skin. Plus, it's SPF 50! Not only that, it also contains powerful anti-oxidants. And it leaves my skin feeling smooth and matte making it a very good base for my makeup to glide on. It literally, glides on.

Do you know the one thing that all the products have in common? THE SCENT! I absolutely love the scent which all the products have, especially the essence and the moisturizer. It smells so good it's like a make-you-feel-good smell. Really. So other than heading down to Estee Lauder counters to try out this new line, you should also head down to have a whiff of the products too haha. The scent is lovely.

So, I have been using the products for about 2 weeks plus now and my honest verdict is that it does what it claims it can achieve. My skin definitely is less dull and more radiant than I remembered it to be. I could actually already see the difference when I tried it only on half of my face at the workshop. The difference is more evident like that because you can see the before and the after. So if you haven't tried the products at any Estee Lauder counters yet, do head down now!

Well ladies, what comes after your skincare regime? Makeup isn't it? And that is what I will be sharing with you in my next post. A little teaser first: This CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Collection also consists of makeup! Like BB creme and the different types of foundation.

So stay tuned! :)

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