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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Estee Lauder Blog Post 4!

Good things deserved to be shared don't you agree?

So, other than sharing with you ladies about this new line of products, other exciting news and awesome goodies to share, I shared the products with my dear mummy as well! She has always been taking care of her skin and all, so she was excited as well when I brought home the products after the workshop that day. And of course, she tried them out as well. Haha.

And like me, she loves the scent of the products. She doesn't have oily skin, only at the T-Zone, so she only used the moisturizer at night since she feels it's more rich for her skin (cos I have the creme one which is more for dry/normal skin) so it's good because she feels that sleeping in an air-conditioned room will make your skin dryer. She doesn't have an issue with sunblocks, unlike me haha. Protection from UV rays is very important to her so she makes sure she has sunblock on before leaving the house. And she's very pleased with the SPF level of this sunblock.

She is a user of some other Estee Lauder products and for this CyberWhite range, it's a *thumbs up* from her! Because spots are the  main imperfections she hopes to get rid of on her face.


Another thing to share with you ladies!

Did you know about Estee Lauder's Signature Service? There are six categories and you ladies will love it.

The first is the "Two Minute Touch-Ups"
Have you ever had times when you wanted to touch-up on your make-up but then realised you forgot to bring your make-up pouch or that particular item out? You can head over to any Estee Lauder counters for a quick touch up! They will give you that fresh new look again!

Second, is the "Expert Colour Advice"
The staff there will help you understand and know what colour flatters your skin tone the best. And you will know how to make any makeup look your own and good.

Third, is the "Your Shade, Your Finish, Your Match"
Ever wondered if your foundation shade is the right one? Like is it too yellow, too dark or too light? Fret not, because the staff will help you match your skin tone to the perfect foundation shade and you will receive a 10-day supply of your perfect foundation shade!

Fourth, is the "Fragrance Your Way"
I am sure you ever had times when the perfume you have on slowly disappears as the day goes by. Or perhaps, you havent found the fragrance that you like yet? Then head down to any Estee Lauder Counter to smell fresh and good again or try out the perfumes they have. I personally own "Estee Lauder - White Linen" and I love the scent. It smells lovely. Not very heavy, so it suits a student like me! :)

Fifth, is the "Skin Check-Up"
If you have a skin concern, Estee Lauder will help you identify the problem and offer you solutions to deal with it. Getting complimentary advice from trained and experienced skincare personnel, you know you are in good hands because they know their stuff!

Sixth, last but not least, "EXpress Bright"
I mentioned in my earlier posts that Estee Lauder knows that all spots are not created equal. And uneven skin tone is not the only thing that prevents you from getting radiant skin and a luminance complexion, spots are also one of the main culprits. So, Estee Lauder will customize a gentle, yet effective brightening skincare system meant for your skin!
Estee Lauder's Signature Service, great isn't it? It practically solves every problem a girl would have.


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