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Friday, March 11, 2011

Fantabulous February!

February's over, it's March already! And we are already into the third month of the new year.

My February was filled with exams, rushing of deadlines, events, performances, appearances and birthdays! Almost all the february babies I know are people dearest to me.

Monica's birthday on the 18th of February. Our TP classmates had a little celebration for her at Bistro in school. 
Looking forward to celebrating her birthday again (belated) with the girls from secondary school. Our birthday tradition will be having a little change this year!

Then, both my parents are also February babies. Mummy first on Valentine's Day then my Dad.
We went to our clubhouse (Raffles Town Club) for a Japanese dinner at Miyabi Restaurant.
Red Wine, on the house.
And it's time to dig in!
Sashimi ftw! Especially swordfish. 
Big Prawn.
Deep-fried oysters.
Japan's famous 黑猪 with golden mushrooms wrapped inside.
Which was very very delish.
Some soup with codfish, very sweet!
Time to cut the birthday cake, which was also on the house lol.
Then, after dinner we decided to go bowling. It's been awhile since we last bowled there.
I like this shot of my mum. It gives me that uh Chanel-ish feel, Audrey Hepburn?
And me haha.
Check out the score! :D
I need to use ball number 7. Haha.

And the next day, I was guest judge for Youthbox's Talent Search 2011 at Bugis Junction.

Alright, on to March! I made an appearance at the Sakura Food Fair @ Bukit Timah Plaza on the 5 and 6 March, and also gave a performance. The fair lasted for three days, starting on 4th of March and ending on 6th of March. Would like to thank Kee Song Group for having me, Team Salon for styling my hair, and also of course EME for being there on both days for their support and bringing the boards. You guys were great on the last day of the fair, sold out Sakura and Imperial Chicken! Woo~

*Photo credits to Joycelyn*


Oh yes, we have an office now! :D
My next post, will be about the photoshoot all the artistes did yesterday. Took lots of behind-the-scenes photos!

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