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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Here's a big smile for you! :)

Dear all, sorry for the hiatus! Been kinda busy this past few weeks. Because my internship has started, among many other things. So here’s an updates post!

First, in case you were wondering, my internship’s pretty good! You know, the perks of being a journalist? Haha. I can’t say more because my course doesn’t allow us to say anything about our internship on our social media sites so yep.

Second, as you can see, I’ve changed the design of my blog and cleared some of the clutter on it. This is so much better and I am absolutely loving it. Got rid of the tagboard cos now there’s formspring! Though I am kinda lazy to answer all the questions I have right now. Shall answer all the questions when I am abit more free yeah? Also got rid of the musicbox cos I don’t think I have the time to update it constantly.

Third, I got my tuition class back! I had to give it up cos the management I was with previously arranged something which clashed with the timing of the class. I wasn’t given much of a choice to negotiate so I had to give it up. But thankfully, the centre kept the class for me by hiring a relief teacher for those 3 months I wasn’t able to teach. And man, I am so glad to be back! It was great seeing those old faces (pun intended, they are only 10) and some new faces. I definitely missed them.

Fourth, I finally visited Mutts & Mittens again, after I think 2 to 3 years? Geez, that’s a really long time. The place still looks about the same though.

Before my internship started, my holiday was well-spent. Very well-spent actually. It consisted of mostly jamming, picking up the guitar and piano once again, meeting up with some old friends and swimming! Now I have a tan-line, a pretty obvious one too. All of which led to something much more special. :) And for that, I am really thankful. Oh yes and food. Been eating quite a lot recently. I went on a food trip with Stephen, Wan Xuan and Jeremiah on Labour Day and we seriously ate non-stop the entire day. And I continued overeating quite abit the entire week and I gained 3 kg lol. But now, I am in the acceptable weight category so I think putting on that 3 kg is a good thing?

A few people asked me and wanted to know why I left my previous management. Well simply put, I think it’s really important to be doing things that make you happy and that you really enjoy from the bottom of the heart. Once you start getting negative vibes from it, you know something is wrong. I don’t see the point of continuing doing something which makes me a more passive person than I actually am.

Some revelations I made, or rather some life lessons I learned recently is that “Change is constant and constant is change.” So I guess some people change. Someone who used to be your genuine friend can suddenly turn around cos of external factors and perhaps bite you in the back. This experience also further reinforced my belief that you can never believe a story you hear from one side. There are always both sides to a story. Like there are 2 sides to a coin and 6 sides to a dice. A rumour is called a rumour for a reason because it is not entirely the truth, since it’s still a rumour. As the saying goes, “rumour has it”. It’s like sentencing an accused murderer to a death sentence without giving him a trial or a chance for investigate to check what really happened.


Life is good, just having a casual jamming session with an acoustic instrument and singing songs I want to sing, and of course spending time with that special someone. Now the smile on my face truly comes from deep within. And that is how it should be.

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