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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nando's Chickenland Getaway Event: Chicky Goodness!

I am very much excited to be invited to the Nando's Chickenland Getaway Event @ Tampines Mall for bloggers because I am a huge fan of Nando's! One, it's chicken (my other favourite aside from seafood) and two, it can get pretty spicy because of their peri peri sauce! I love spicy food and now I actually know the reason why I get a kick from eating spicy stuff (shall explain this in the second Nando's post)

Upon arriving with the boyf (he was the guest I brought along), I was given the press kit.
And as soon as we were settled in our seats, the waitress came and served us the four designer drinks and explained to us the concoction in each drink.
And my favourite one after trying all of them?
The Madeira Red, which is pomegranate and lemonade. You've got to try this the next time you head to Nando's! If you can, try the second one from the left too. That's citrus bliss, consists of orange juice, sprite, lime and mint. It has a uniquely interesting taste, zesty too. But if you are not feeling very adventurous, you can have the one on the extreme right, it's apple, aloe vera and sprite I think.

And oh yes, did I mention that they serve plain water now?

Next up, it's the wild mushroom soup!
Mushroom soup can be easily found in almost any restaurant serving western cuisines/grills. Which is precisely the reason why I think the standard of the soup sorta determines how good the rest of their food is going to be. And the soup did not disappoint at all! Consistency was just nice, not too thick neither is it too thin. And you can really taste the wild mushrooms, so you know it's good stuff! Plus, you can actually taste the pepper! I am just absolutely satisfied with this soup because I love pepper. It adds that twang to your soup if you know what I mean.

The next dish, chicken liver.
I don't think I ever had chicken liver? But this was actually quite nice. It's somewhat similar to pig liver but the taste is a little different, and it's less 'powdery' in a way. Plus, the sauce it came with, perfect combination! They gave us both the mild and hot one to try and I prefer the mild one cos the hot one masks the taste of the liver.

This next dish is called Petisco, a dish meant for sharing with friends.
 And this is one memorable dish for sure because it was really spicy! It's the 'extra hot' one and damn, it really is. You know some chillies, they will just fade off after awhile? This one, I had to drink countless sips or rather mouthfuls of my Madeira Red and just stuff anything that's non-spicy into my mouth hoping it will alleviate the burning sensation on my lips (you can see how red my lips were in a photo further down this post) and tongue. It was really quite the kick. But the chicken wings were good though.

Up next is Espetada!
It's something like our kebab.
If you are a fan of capsicums, this dish is for you. You can really taste the capsicums in the chicken, no kidding.

Then it's Cataplana!
Kinda similar to Espetada I think, the difference is that it's served like this.

And the next dish, which to me is the highlight of the day, the quarter chicken!
Because of the prior burning sensation I experienced just now, I thought extra hot would be too spicy for me and so I went for the lemon and herb one instead. And wow it was good! Right now, I am totally craving for one. The sauce is marinated into the chicken and I have got no idea how I am going to describe the taste to you other than going with the cliche, "it tastes like heaven in my mouth". And the super tender chicken just makes it all the more better! The meat is so sweet, succulent and juicy and combined with the sauce marinated into's just pretty amazing for my taste buds.

Jerome, who sat beside me had the extra hot and he told me that it wasn't as spicy as the Petisco dish. So I decided to try it and I am glad I did. It really isn't as spicy as Petisco, probably because it's not doused in sauce? And how should I put it, it tantalises and teases with the taste buds? It's like it leaves you wanting more. Oh and the crispy skin of the chicken! The next time I go the Nando's, I will most definitely order one 'lemon and herb' and one 'extra hot'.

Last but not least, dessert.
And the picture says it all.

I had the most fabulous time at the event, surrounded by superb food and jolly people. I am also giving the service a thumbs up too! And I really do like the interior of the restaurant.
It's cosy yet classy at the same time.

Here's a shot of us in the restaurant (and yes this is the shot of me with red lips from the Petisco dish)
And a shot of us outside with some of the crew and people who made the event possible
The mascot's called Barci (pronounced Bar-chee) Ain't it cute?
And here's me with Barci!

Right now, Nando's is dishing out three super sumptous sharing meals to share with your friends, families and loved ones this festive season.

There's the:

Meal for Two - $38.80
- 2 quarter chickens
- 1 Peri Wedges & Creamy Perinaise
- 1 salad (you can choose from portugese or caesar salad)
- 3 regular sidelines of your choice
- 1 Citra drink (half litre)

Meal for Four - $68.80
- 4 quarter chickens
- 1 Peri Wedges & Creamy Perinaise
- 1 Salad (you can choose from portugese or caesar salad)
- 4 large sidelines of your choice
- 1 Citra drink (one litre)

Meal for Six - $98.80
- 6 quarter chickens
- 1 Peri Wedges & Creamy Perinaise
- 2 Salad (you can choose from portugese or caesar salad)
- 5 large sidelines of your choice
- 2 Citra drink (one litre)

Nando's can be found at 5 locations in Singapore which is really convenient if you needa get your Peri Peri fix.

  1. Tampines Mall (NEW!)
  2. The New 112 Katong Mall (NEW!)
  3. Bugis Junction
  4. Plaza Singapura
  5. Tanglin Mall

Do look out for my next post about Nando's because I will sharing with you interesting facts about Nando's and also how eating their Peri-Peri flame grilled chicken can be beneficial to you! Plus their ongoing voting campaign to vote for your favourite Peri Peri sauce! 100 lucky voters who voted for the winning Peri Peri flavour will be invited to Nando's sizzling Peri-Peri Victory Party. Will tell you guys more in the next Nando's post! :)

Shanice (Yi Ting)

P.S: Heartfelt thanks to Nando's for the invitation, thank you! I had a great time. :)


  1. I will for sure go for the chicken liver as its one of those I fancy very much.