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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

April, Spring - A New Phase

So here are the posts you would be expecting in the coming weeks: 
  1. CNY 2012 (looooong due I know)
  2. The production of Manzoku
  3. My KL trip with M By Hgroup
  4. Photoshoot for FlairClosetLabel and Hueberry
  5. Nando's new Cataplana dish
  6. New CP goodies
  7. Store opening of Dip Drops at Takashimaya
  8. And the MediaBiz awards
My posts might not be in that order by the way!

My life has been a little out of balance for the past 3 weeks or so. I took on a retail job so I could still earn some income while searching for a proper journalism related job. If you were wondering which retail store it is for, I won't say. All I will say is that it's a brand that is somewhat pricey. And perhaps it was because I wasn't used to the working hours for a full-time retail staff or perhaps it was because of the people there. And perhaps a few other factors. But one thing for sure, I hardly enjoyed working there.

For the first time in my life, I thought of taking an MC just so I could not go to work. I never had that thought, not once in my 13 years of schooling life (so far) nor for any other job. I drag myself to work and this is especially so when my shift is from 9 am to 10 pm. That is 13 hours long! And not to mention, you have to stand the entire time. Definitely not an easy job, I take my hats off to those working retail on a permanent full-time basis. I have no time for myself or anyone else after work on weekdays cos I end at like 10 pm and of course, weekends aren't mine anymore. This job kinda screwed my life upside down. My table and room's in a horrible mess, it's making my bunions and my old spine injury act up among others. All I do when I reach home is quickly shower, brush my teeth and head for bed. And then wake up the next day and head to work and the cycle repeats. The past 2 weeks were just physically and mentally draining. 

But the thing is, I've worked at Uniqlo and H&M and I had the most awesome time working at those two places, especially for the latter. The people I met there were lovely and super friendly, they actually make you look forward to go to work because you have so much fun with them (even when you are working); the environment is just different. Honestly, I think the people you work with make a great deal of difference to how much you enjoy your work. 

But anyhow, enough of the rant. I found a proper journalism related job and will be starting next tuesday! (because I have to serve one week's notice for the retail store) And I am excited. It's related to fashion and I have a straight bus to the office which is absolutely fantastic because I love taking the bus over trains, anytime of the day. Furthermore, the morning crowd taking the train just scares me. 

May April be a good month for me and for us all! :)

With love,
Shanice (Yi Ting)

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