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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Feature: Klozzit

You might be thinking, oh just another one of those online shops that brings in Taiwan/Korean inspired designs. Well, you are not entirely wrong but you know what sets one apart from the rest? The quality of the clothes. I have seen too many of these kinda shops that bring in pretty designs at super affordable prices but the catch? They are buy-and-throw-away pieces. And you certainly do not want that. If you want buy-and-throw-away pieces, don't get them online. You can find cheaper ones at night markets. 

But if you love such designs, do not have time to shop at brick and mortar stores and wouldn't fancy buy-and-throw away pieces, Klozzit might just be what you are looking for.

Now, I love knits. I know we live in Singapore where it's hot and humid almost every single day but I can't help it. I adore knits. I have a drawer full of them. So whenever I wake up to find that it's a cool (not cold, the temperature in Singapore will never be low enough to be deemed as cold), rainy morning *sprinkles confetti* I will head straight for my drawer full of knitwear. 

Okayyy back to Klozzit. They have quite a good selection of dresses and blouses. And quite a fair bit of them can bring out the um, sensual charm of a woman. Take this one for example:

I really like it. I was pretty much sold by the colour and then how the cut makes the wearer look sophisticated (as its name aptly suggests). But then, I saw the back...
 Yeahhhh, so I got to give this a miss. (but if you like it, click here to get it!) Sexy back, ain't it?

If you were wondering why I brought up my love for knits, here's why. Because I found a knit dress haha. 
So yes I chose this and here's how it looks like on me (in a few styles):

Here's how it looks like on its own.
It has adorable little pockets.
You can also give it a little more shape by wearing a belt.

And if you are travelling to cooler countries or if somehow, by any chance Singapore actually gets cool enough for a scarf along with a knit dress then yeah you could wear it like this.
And there's no way you can wear it like that in Singapore, no way. Layering is a good way to amp up your style factor so layer your outfit when you get the chance! I wore a floral printed shirt underneath the knit dress for this. Of course, you can wear it with tights or leggings.

There are more ways you can wear/style this knit dress and that's what makes it a really good buy!

Join Klozzit's Facebook page here and you can get 10% off your purchase!

P.S: Thank you Klozzit for this highly versatile knit dress. :)

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