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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sponsored Review: The new PILOT FriXion Clicker!

Do you remember the previous PILOT review I did on their new FriXion colours? If you've not seen it yet, you can check it out here.

Those were markers but we use pens more often than markers, don't we? And to have a pen with erasable ink, that means no more ugly correction tape traces, mistake free! Perfect for a perfectionist like me (I have minor OCD, I think). I remember when I had to write essays in secondary school, if I make a mistake before I start the second paragraph, I will just tear off that sheet and rewrite on a new piece. I know it's not really environmentally friendly but like I said, I think I have minor OCD haha. Anyhow, back to the point!

I received this from PILOT a few days ago.
And hey, there's a Sudoku puzzle book! I did a lot of those in secondary school too because a classmate of mine always picks up the TODAY newspaper on the way to school.
The colours.

Now, the new PILOT FriXion clicker comes with an added feature - a clicker with an easy sliding mechanism. This is definitely better from the previous generations, which came fitted with pen caps. You know how pen caps sometimes go missing and all. This clicker makes it so much more convenient; just click, write and erase (if need to!) The rubber stud at the top of the pen is the "eraser".


The bloggers are supposed to create an illustration and here's mine, which I think I will call it "The PILOT PenSkirt" hahaha.
Not the most brilliant name I think but you know how there were fashion illustrations for Internet browsers, etc (can't remember what the rest were now) awhile back? And so, because I'm currently taking a fashion course and all, I thought I'd do something like that too.

What do you think?

The PILOT FriXion Clicker comes in seven vibrant hues - black, red, dark blue, light blue, green, violet and pink. It is available at all major bookstores and retails at $2.80 (before GST)

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