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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Havaianas Carnival Party x 2013 Collection Designs

This iconic Brazilian fashion brand for flip-flop lovers definitely know how to please. From geek to chic, preppy to punk, Havaianas promises an exciting 2013 with their new collection. Think trendy prints and pop culture inspired designs.

The previous Havaianas event I attended (you can read it here) had a super cheery vibe, so I wasn't expecting anything less cheery for this event. Just take a look at the invite they sent me. It's really lovely, ain't it? I actually kept that little windmill.

The event was held at L'etoile Cafe and that big green inflatable slipper was certainly eye-catching. It made the venue easy to spot for those who're unfamiliar with that area (like me).
What's a carnival without pop corn and candy floss (THIS especially)?
And of course, food that taste as good as they look.

There were games too, which I have no pictures of because well, I was having fun (and my hands were occupied!). They were those old school carnival games, like the "hook-the-fish" (in this case, it was hook the slipper, heh) and also, throwing hoops to get them into the cone. 
And here's, for you, a sneak preview of Havaianas' 2013 collection.
See the Pac-man inspired design on the left? 
These are for kids, just adorable!
This is one of my favourites from the 2013 collection, so I might just get this haha.

I also really like these ones, the Slim Graphic - Women. I love those geometric prints because I love illustrations and have actually been trying my hand at them on Adobe Illustrator or, just with the classic paper and my art materials.

These ones are the Slim Paradiso - Women. Perfect for your beach vacation. Just look at them, one look  and I think of white beaches, pristine waters and sunny skies. (and may I add, coconut trees, hahaha)

And these are the new colours.

For the full 2013 collection, check out the Havaianas stores, They're available already!

And here's a picture with the lovely Jem from the PR company that invited me.

Make your feet happy and look effortless stylish from head to toe (literally) with the designs from the new Havaianas 2013 collection, visit h stores now!

Havaianas Stores in Singapore:

ION Orchard
Bugis Junction
Raffles City
Plaza Singapura
Takashimaya Shopping Centre

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