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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

(Review) McDonald's Spicy Faceoff: Black Pepper Flamer Burger VS McSpicy ft. Citrus Thai Shaker Fries & Lychee McFizz

I love spicy food, so when the invitation email popped into my inbox with the title "Something spicy coming your way...", I knew I had to attend this food tasting session even if that means rushing down from my shoot in the east area all the way to McDonald's @ Alocassia (Bukit Timah area).

The email didn't tell us what the new menu items are, so I went there not knowing what to expect. And it was a pleasant surprise indeed. :)

Here's the new menu items, at a glance.
 photo P1020547_zps492a4c49.jpg
Lychee McFizz
This drink was served to us the moment we sat down. I really really like it! It doesn't feel like the type of drinks McDonald's usually has, it's more like something you can get at cafes. I'm definitely getting this drink over green tea whenever I go to McDonald's from now on.

 photo P1020549_zpsa1d53727.jpg
Citrus Thai flavour Shaker Fries
Presenting to you, the new shaker fries flavour! Everyone loves shaker fries, don't they? Cos it's so flavourful, adding that extra oomph of taste to your fries instead of the usual salt or chilli sauce. And the new flavour is just delightful. It's like a burst of flavours in your mouth - a little spicy, a little sour and a little sweet. I think it tastes a little like tom yum but better.
 photo P1020551_zps9b9bcad7.jpg
 photo P1020552_zps2ba44647.jpg
Before adding the Citrus Thai flavour
 photo P1020553_zps902fb917.jpg
All ready to shake!
 photo P1020554_zpsbc7af516.jpg
 photo P1020556_zps81ec6883.jpg
Looks really good, yes? :)
 photo P1020562_zpsf4483a5e.jpg
And then it's time to bring out the main stars of the night!
McSpicy VS Black Pepper Flamer Burger (or Mr McSpicy and Mr Black Pepper Flamer Burger) If you think the both of them look familiar, like you've seen them somewhere before, well chances are you might have! On the telly!

This is the commercial advertisement for the burgers that has been playing on the telly recently!

 photo P1020564_zps4fa29405.jpg

And then, it was time for us to finally try the burgers!
 photo P1020570_zpsb563c31e.jpg
 photo P1020571_zpsdb084cb2.jpg
I was quite excited for this cos I love pepper. You have no idea how much pepper I add to my soup, especially when it tastes bland. 
 photo P1020573_zps7916dc15.jpg
 photo P1020575_zps0cb1bef8.jpg
What I think:
I might be a little biased here cos I really do like peppery stuff, and it makes me feel cooling inside haha. You can taste the pepper, I think they could do with more pepper though. But I still like it, and the chicken's really tender and juicy. (I really do feel like having one right now as I'm typing this)

The chicken may be the most important part of the burger, but don't forget about the bun! The bun/bread is unlike your usual burgers, and I like it alot more than the usual sesame seed topped buns (eg: see below).

And the classic favourite, McSpicy.
 photo P1020576_zps985505ff.jpg
 photo P1020577_zps6cc11c25.jpg
 photo P1020578_zps950f46c1.jpg
Needs no introduction right?

So which burger did I pick in the end?
 photo P1020579_zpsd7315408.jpg
Yeap. Why? I love spicy food yes, even if it's so spicy it will make me tear, and my lips and tongue numb. I like the kick it gives, that's why I like spicy food. But I choose black pepper over McSpicy because the spiciness level is more bearable and hence, more enjoyable, and THE BUN!
 photo P1020582_zps33a8a443.jpg
Here's a shot with both Mr McSpicy and Mr Black Pepper Flame Burger.
 photo P1020583_zps0821e9c5.jpg
And the both of them only! 
 photo P1020581_zpsc1fcf39a.jpg
And as usual, a group shot to end the post! Thank you for the invitation! :)

*The Black Pepper Flamer meal is available from $6.30, the Citrus Thai Shaker Fries (a la carte) is available from $2.75 and the Lychee McFizz (a la carte) is available from $2.40. For a limited time only.*

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