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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tatty Marsh's Bloggers Party

I would like to say thank you to Street Directory for inviting me to this, and Tatty Marsh for organising this bloggers party at Tanglin Mall.

 photo P1020296_zps0f402e56.jpg
What's a party without some fine wine and champagne?
 photo P1020319_zps0e25d57b.jpg
 photo P1020300_zps77a4500b.jpg
Polka dots x British flag, nuff said. If I were a regular cook or baker, I'd definitely buy that polka dot printed apron. Who says you can't look adorably chic when you're toiling away in the kitchen at the same time?

Recognise the trademark floral prints? Cath Kidston anyone? Such pretty pens.
 photo P1020330_zps64963fca.jpg
 photo P1020312_zps2c4bfc14.jpg
And these aren't actually edible cupcakes, they're actually bath soaps! Just leave them in the tub. One of my favourite items in the store that night for sure. 
 photo P1020303_zpsd65f05bd.jpg
The further I walked into this area, the more I swooned. And when I reached the end, I was like FWAHHHH!
 photo P1020308_zps88f059eb.jpg
I mean, just look at this space!!!

I'm pretty sure you guys know how much I adore vintage. This area just screams Old English to me. Just look at that chair, look at that table, look at that chest (!!!) and all the other smaller decor items.

 photo P1020320_zps390a5501.jpg
I'd love to have this chest in my new room. It is perfect!
 photo P1020335_zps41b49d15.jpg
And the chair?!!
 photo P1020323_zpsa39b9f07.jpg
I mentioned this a few posts back - I'm definitely getting a vintage typewriter for my new room. It's a definite MUST. 
 photo P1020326_zps3fb3714f.jpg
All these cases, oh damn. 
 photo P1020333_zpsf687bec7.jpg
Just had to hahaha. 
 photo P1020338_zps97b0e1a1.jpg
Ran into Deenise! Always happy to see a familiar face. :)

The whole store was a pretty sight to behold. I didn't take pictures for every area, only those that really had me swooning. If you're a fan of pretty things/decor items, then you need to check out Tatty Marsh. Some of the brands Tatty Marsh carries are Cath Kidston, Emma Bridgewater & Rice, Susie Watson, The Powder Room and more.

Find out more over at their website here. :)

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