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Monday, May 6, 2013

Review: Smoulder at Raffles City

Almost everyone is a fan of chocolate. And if you are, then you would most definitely be a fan of lava cakes too. Just think about the molten, velvety goodness swirling in your mouth, mmmm. Hahaha okay I shall stop the attempt at being descriptive right here and feed you pictures instead.

 photo P1020585_zpsa0651ba6.jpg
Smoulder doesn't just sell lava cakes, they sell better - they sell bite-sized molten lava cakes! I think that's just brilliant, it's just perfect! The usual serving size of lava cakes is a little too much for one person to finish after a meal (like lunch/dinner), don't you think? And being bite sized, that means you can have more than one flavour too! You wouldn't need to restrict yourself to just one flavour, having more variety is always good!

 photo P1020584_zps6ce68293.jpg
 photo P1020587_zps9ffb29b8.jpg
Look at the different flavours they have!

And the food tasting begins, chocolatey goodness, let's go!
 photo P1020589_zps2b4404a5.jpg
This is a classic and a favourite among everyone (well, it's a safe flavour) - Intense.

 photo P1020590_zpsae7e498c.jpg
Do you see that molten chocolatey goodness?? haha. 
 photo P1020591_zps377a16f4.jpg
And this is Hazelnut! I always love my chocolate with hazelnut so I really like this one.

 photo P1020592_zps9eaab001.jpg

 photo P1020593_zps7f1d3fc6.jpg
And this is Pistachio, which is one of their popular flavours!

 photo P1020595_zps34a71a8f.jpg
I've never really had anything pistachio-flavoured before so this was kinda a first. And I really do like it! The chocolate and the slightly nutty taste of the pistachio complement each other perfectly.

 photo P1020600_zpsdd1ddd5c.jpg
 photo P1020602_zps82c7f94f.jpg
Thank you Smoulders for your kind generosity in hosting me and giving me a total of 11 lava cakes to bring home to share with my family and colleagues at work! Yes there are two more in a separate bag. 
 photo P1020601_zps8a7c415a.jpg
The flavours at a glance! (Side note, gotta love having a wacom, if not the above "handwritten notes" wouldn't be possible hahaha)

I'm not lying when I say I love all the flavours, really. It's not easy to get the right molten texture, etc. And I know the Smoulders team put in a lot of effort in research and all to give us these bite-sized molten lava cakes which just taste divine! Ahhh it's really really good. I'd love to have some right now.

Thank you so much Peter, for the invitation! :)

Smoulders is located at: 
Raffles City Basement 1 
(It's opposite Crumpler and beside Mr Bean)

P.S: You guys should really go try the bite-sized lava cakes!

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