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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shunji Matsuo - May

I have to start this month's Shunji Matsuo post with this piece of news that put a huge smile on my face!  Kim told me that a customer looked for her, showed her my picture and asked to get the same perm done. Thank you, whoever you are! :) It made both Kim and I quite chuffed haha.

Okay, back to May's Shunji Matsuo post. This month, I gave my hair a new colour because my black roots can be seen already, and I don't really like the sight of it haha. It's especially obvious when I do shoots or when I'm under the sun.

With Fiona, one of my best girlfriends. :)

See the black roots? Not nice.

Disclaimer: I edited the colour tone in the next few images to reflect the most accurate colour of my hair. Just in case you were wondering why my hair colour looks different when these photos were taken at the same time)

And, here's my new hair colour! This is how it looks like right now.
 photo P1030086_zpsc5562653.jpg
However, this wasn't how it looked like at first. It used to look like this (see below)

 photo P1030076_zps101887b0.jpg
It was dark violet with a reddish tinge. But as you know, shades of violet/purple/blue will fade. And mine has now faded to more of a dark red with a hint of purplish brown? 
 photo P1030077_zpsf7648b9f.jpg
 photo P1030079_zpsa13abf9e.jpg
I like both. But of course I wish violet doesn't fade though. I really enjoyed having my hair in that colour. Also, I found it pretty interesting that in different lighting conditions, the colour of my hair changes a little. It will either look more reddish, or more purplish haha.
 photo P1030098_zpse8703dce.jpg
I was actually still playing safe with this month's colouring. Because I've never tried dyeing my hair in shades of violet/purple before. So I still told Kim to give me a more natural looking hair colour. But, I think I'm ready for something a little more adventurous now. Probably gonna try a lighter shade of violet. Heh.

Here are some shots taken at the salon with my iPhone. (side note, I'm changing to the Samsung S4 soon!)

Colouring in process!

A week before I did the colouring, I had treatment done. Thought I'll give my hair some pampering. :)
You have no idea how much I love how my hair looks here after they blew dry it. Gosh. I want my hair to look like this everyday, all the time. Volume at the roots and those gorgeous round, bouncy curls!
With Kim, who does "magic" to my hair every time. Thank you, Kim. :)


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  1. Very nice stuff and lovely hair style.

  2. Woo, the color of your hair really looks cool. Especially when you have fair skin, colored hair sure make you look prettier.

    The dye has taken effect that makes the reddish brown outstanding.

    I am a blogger too, feel free to leave comments and I love feedback =)

    1. Hehe thanks for the lovely compliments and for dropping by, Rachie! :)

  3. I love the color! Can I ask what dye brand and color you used? :)

    1. Hello Ivy :)

      I'm not really sure, so sorry! :/ I just showed my hairstylist a picture of the kind of hair colour I'd like to have and left everything else to her.