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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shunji Matsuo & Shiseido SS13 Bloggers Event

This event was held some time back, in April, before my very first appointment with my hair sponsor, Shunji Matsuo at ICON by Shunji Matsuo @ Wisma (my appointed salon).

Held at Shunji Matsuo's Taka branch, I asked Hui Jin (or Cookie, as she's known in the blogosphere) along with me.

 photo P1020630_zps80e97d39.jpg
Food, oh glorious food. What's a good event without a mouth-watering spread of quick bites?
 photo P1020632_zps51626e38.jpg
 photo P1020643_zps8640ca57.jpg
With Hui Jin/Cookie!
 photo P1020644_zpseec197b8.jpg
 photo P1020645_zps232bc16b.jpg
 photo P1020646_zpse5eb99ce.jpg
 photo P1020647_zps99699236.jpg
 photo P1020650_zpsf9b5f5be.jpg
 photo P1020651_zps897a00b9.jpg
 photo P1020655_zps9d2a6570.jpg
Hahaha just look at her expression.
 photo P1020665_zpsaae066f2.jpg
And here's the man himself, Shunji-san!
 photo P1020666_zpsb422a334.jpg
There was a hair styling demonstration too.
 photo P1020681_zps8e1ef43b.jpg
 photo P1020692_zps98163bf1.jpg
Thanks for looking at my cam, Mel! Haha.
 photo P1020709_zpsa895c497.jpg
The hair stylists from the different salon branches.

And then we all went off to get our hair/makeup done. I went for the makeup station first and the makeup artist just touched up my makeup a little and he suggested that I try ombre lips. Why not?
 photo P1020726_zps4d255634.jpg
Here's how it looks!

 photo P1020719_zps05d1099a.jpg
With the makeup artist! :)

And I'm off to get my hair styled!
 photo P1020734_zps8e3d246c.jpg
Shunji-san is too adorable. He wanted to help take a picture of me while I'm having my hair styled. But I told him to join me in the photo instead.

I always have a problem with flat hair at the top of my head and my stylist for that night did this for me:
 photo P1020736_zps4cb9694c.jpg
I love it, got compliments from the other bloggers too. Hehe. Flat hair at the top of my head no more, and revived curls! I think having volume at the top of my head really makes a huge difference, I think my face (and all my other features too actually) looks a lot sharper after.

 photo P1020738_zpsc21de222.jpg
With Mr Akio.
 photo P1020740_zps0a8739a9.jpg
 photo P1020742_zps1f042be5.jpg
With May! She's really skinny, quite envious!
 photo P1020748_zps09cef476.jpg
I really liked Shenny's hair! Just check out the gorgeous hue of purple and prettily braiding.
 photo P1020746_zps9273ed4e.jpg
From left: Cookie, Shunji-san, me and Cindy!
 photo P1020747_zps9ad36648.jpg
Hahaha. I think the entire Shunji Matsuo team's just bubbling with energy and sincerity, it's really endearing. And plus, they are all very humble too. *huge thumbs up*

We were all given a very generous goodie bad to bring home after the event. It contained:
- Shiseido Stage Works Air Motion Hair Spray
- Shiseido Stage Works Damp Jelly
Shiseido Luminogenic Shampoo & Treatment for Coloured hair (this was perfect because I dyed my hair some time back and it smells divine!)

Thank you so much Shunji Matsuo and Shiseido for having me at the event, and the very awesome goodie bag! xx


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