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Friday, July 5, 2013

Fashion Fridays: Levi's Made & Crafted Series - Martin Zad

 photo levis-madeandcrafted-martin-zad-08-472x630_zpsd996af08.jpg
 photo levis-madeandcrafted-martin-zad-11-630x457_zps2a71e865.jpg
 photo levis-madeandcrafted-martin-zad-04-472x630_zps3d8c2a32.jpg
 photo levis-madeandcrafted-martin-zad-13-474x630_zpsdc37f0ca.jpg
 photo levis-madeandcrafted-martin-zad-12-630x486_zpsf01343b7.jpg

"New York based Martin Zad presents the first in a series of Levi's Made & Crafted creative ‘Photo Assignments,’ a new project inviting a series of photographers to put their own spin on the clothing line, in a conceptual stylee of course. For this shoot Zad looked to the interiors of Tokyo-based architectural firm SANAA for set inspiration as well as the world of Botany."

Such an intriguing concept, I love the contrast: Rugged denim VS the delicate flowers, the colourful flowers VS the shade of denim (only blue), and the male models (masculinity) VS the flowers (associated with femininity).

The above are just some of my favourite images out of the whole spread.

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