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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Somersby Apple Cider x Bliss House Food Tasting Event

Somersby tied up with Bliss House Restaurant @ Central Clark Quay for this food tasting event and I really liked that they chose this place. It's a charming place and felt very much like a garden out of a Jane Austen novel. And when I think of gardens, I think of apple trees. (result from watching Once Upon A Time hahahaha, it's a brilliant TV series by the way)

 photo P1030027_zpsc8ab53cd.jpg
 photo P1030018_zps87cc7c53.jpg
 photo P1030016_zpse80c7928.jpg

And presenting to you, the "star" of the event - Somersby Apple Cider! 
 photo P1030031_zpsb2b2f013.jpg

I usually go for food tasting events that are held at brunch/lunchtime with an empty stomach, and of course I did the same for this. But alas, they started with alcohol!

 photo P1030015_zpsf7863538.jpg
Refreshing Somersby Trio Bliss Cocktail:
(From left) Bubbly Bliss (Somersby Apple Cider + Celery Puree + Gin), Refreshing Bliss (Soemrsby Apple Cider, Gin + Grapefruit) and Sweet Ruby Bliss (Somersby Apple Cider + Pomegranate + Gin)

I never was a fan of celery; it has such a funky taste which my taste buds absolutely disagree with. But still, I gave Bubbly Bliss a try, thinking that the apple cider would be strong enough to negate the awful taste and smell of celery but nope, the celery still "won". Hahaha so it's a no from me. :/ Of course, if you love celery, you'll probably disagree with me.

My favourite of all is definitely Sweet Ruby Bliss.

 photo P1030032_zpsace6540b.jpg
I like my alcohol sweet, fruity and refreshing and this, fits the bill.

And now, on to the food!

 photo P1030035_zps7fc39945.jpg
Somersby Refreshing Ploughman Salad
Fresh mesclun salad with cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes, olive and Japanese cucumbers tossed in Somersby Apple Cider Vinaigrette

I think I may have mentioned this before: I'm not the biggest fan of greens, although I do like my greens a lot more now, compared to say - 3 years ago? Still, it's a salad and to me, unless it contains smoked salmon or chicken, it's just gonna taste mehhhh. So this dish was only okay to me. But I have to say though, I loved the cherry tomatoes and the cucumbers - they were really fresh and sweet, very refreshing.

 photo P1030037_zps0d4427ca.jpg
 photo P1030038_zps4f99b6b7.jpg
Somersby Decadent Foie Gras
Pan-seared foie gras drizzled with Somersby Apple Cider reduction & lemon butter, served with puff pastry & arugula (rocket salad)

I love foie gras, such fatty goodness! And this one smelt amazingly delish (taste too!), pretty well done I'd say. The puff pastry was a good touch.

The following two dishes are not part of the Somersby x Bliss House event menu that day. They were specially prepared for my plus one (Nadirah) and I because two dishes from the event menu contained pork & beef, and pork respectively. Nadirah doesn't eat pork and I don't eat beef; I didn't want food to be wasted on us and so, I told the one of PR representatives for the event.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting them to specially whip up another 2 dishes for us. So kudos to the PR team (Golin & Harris) and Bliss House Restaurant, thank you very much for your generous hospitality. :)

I'm secretly glad they prepared this two dishes for us because they were SO GOOD! They're included in the regular Bliss House menu btw!

 photo P1030042_zps403c57bf.jpg
Hmm, I can't seem to find this dish on their website but anyway, this was a mushroom dish topped/stuffed with tomatoes and (I can't really remember what the rest are already lol). But trust me, this dish was most delightful.

 photo P1030045_zps333f0039.jpg

Quesadillas (Mexican Pancake)
Pan-seared Flour Tortilla spread with Aioli, Coriander, Cumin, Chili Sauce, Spanish Onion, Roasted Chicken and Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Yum yum yum.

 photo P1030048_zpsdf643de4.jpg
And here's a shot of my gorgeous best friend, Nadirah, who kinda feels like my long-lost malay twin sister hahaha. We are the perfect example of same same but different.

 photo P1030054_zps52850502.jpg
 photo P1030055_zps992b05d4.jpg
Somersby Three Little Pigs
Trio of pan roasted pork tenderloin with roasted capsicum, onion confit & prosciutto blanket asparagus with Somersby Apple Cider Sauce

Mm I wasn't particularly wowed over by this dish because I thought it could be better done. Pork is a tricky dish to prepare because the timing is really important. If it's not right, the meat will be a little too tough. The flavour was good, however.

 photo P1030058_zpsa3f92735.jpg
A Blissful Somersby Finish
Poached pear in Somersby Apple Cider topped with vanilla ice cream

The poached pear, the poached pear! Hahaha. There's always room for desserts, ain't it? ;)

 photo P1030023_zps9b71e3da.jpg
These two girls were adorable. Their exchange went like this: "Eh come I help you take picture, you stand there...move abit to the left, abit more abit more..uh abit okay stop stop!" And they took turns taking a picture of each other around the restaurant, I wonder where their parents were haha.

We were all given this very pretty picnic basket to bring home. Somersby was most generous with this, check out what's inside!

Yay to more delicious apple cider and apples! Oh and a Somersby (apple shaped) bottle opener. :)

 photo P1030052_zps7f5beec9.jpg
Cheers y'all! Happy weekend! :)


  1. That's a really lovely place with the sweet, blooming garden theme! Looks like a place worth checking out, that's great for dates and dinner with galfrens :)


    1. Hello Dee!

      Yeap it most certainly is a lovely (and very romantic) place haha. Thanks for dropping by! :)