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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tumblr Tuesdays: 2 July 2013

And there we have it, yet another half a year has flown by. How did you find your first half of 2013? For me, I've had my fair share of ups and downs, uncertainty and most significantly, rediscovering myself and my dreams/goals. I'd say I feel glad about how everything has fallen into place so far, be it work or my personal relationships. But of course, I know it can be better and I certainly hope it will be.

Anyway! I say, it's time for another Tumblr Tuesdays post for some visual inspiration? :)

 photo tumblr_mnb9u3OVpY1r3lckbo1_500_zps88d320bd.jpg
 photo tumblr_mnvxboJ0qq1s1qkzlo1_500_zpsc5d429c4.jpg
 photo tumblr_mp1dvqgqXh1qbo2b6o1_500_zps8d856802.jpg
So whimsical, just my cup of tea.
 photo tumblr_mkog3iSQ7Y1qdpneco1_500_zps2caebbe7.jpg
 photo tumblr_m614w6ahCb1qzv708o1_500_zps2f823ac0.jpg
Always been fascinated by the art of ballet, but what really strikes me the most about this picture is the soft lighting and shadows. Really love the lighting.
 photo tumblr_mdosty93gk1qh0g6wo1_500_zps69a5c157.jpg
This is such a stunning visual to behold.
 photo tumblr_mnmcex48wm1qfgngfo1_500_zps9765ca99.jpg
Just awwww.

May the month of July (and the second half of 2013) be a dear to all of us. xx

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