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Monday, August 12, 2013

Music Monday: The Royal Concept

Weekends fly by don't they! Even if it was a long one. Hope you guys had a fruitful long weekend holiday! :) 

But yes, we're back to Monday, and yet another new week. And I'd like to start this Music Monday series to hopefully chase away any possible Monday Blues you might have. I might feature a band or a song (or two), it will vary! 

And the virgin feature for this Music Monday series is my number one favourite band of the moment - The Royal Concept!

Here's some information about the band:
  • They're from Stockholm (yeahhh Sweden!!)
  • They were previously known as The Concept Store and The Concept before finally settling on the name The Royal Concept in April 2012
  • Members consist of David Larson (vocalist/guitarist), Filip Bekic (guitarist), Magnus Robert (bassist) and Frans Povel (drummer)
  • They debuted in 2010 with "Damn!" followed by other (very awesome) tracks
  • In April 2012, they released their debut EP

Some people mentioned that they sound like Phoenix, well yeah but just a little. I think that's only so because David kinda sounds like Thomas Mars (vocalist of Phoenix). But style wise, I'd say The Royal Concept has their own distinctive sound. And I actually prefer The Royal Concept over Phoenix, hands down!

It's not often that I actually love every single song from a band. I think this is the same for everyone too. yes? I've not been so enamoured with a band before I think; they make such superbly brilliant (and addictive) music. I'd really really love to see them perform live, so very much. But I don't think they're gonna come to Singapore anytime soon though, so I will have to wait, very patiently. 

Recently, one of their songs "On Our Way" was used by Apple for WWC 2013 - Opening of Apple store in Berlin. And I'm very sure they gained more fans from that heh. More people should know about them really.

Okay, I shall leave you with some of their songs for you to decide if you like them too. Enjoy. :)

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