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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shunji Matsuo - July 2013

So, I decided to take the plunge and chopped off about 6 inches! I remember casually bringing it up (that I wanted to cut my hair short) to several friends and they all went "whyyyyyyy!?!?" Because they really liked the curls Kim did for me previously (read it here). I like it very much too; I got lots of compliments from friends and people I just met, about my curls. But I've been having my hair at that length (and style) for a few years now, I thought it's time for a change.

Anywho! This is how my hair looked fresh out of the salon. I literally snapped these 2 shots in the ladies, rather hastily, and walked out. Usually, I'd take a few and choose the best ones (which also means the ones that I look the best hahahaha). But there were so many people in the toilet that day, and I felt like they'd judge me because I'm alone and taking mirror shots of myself. Yeah, you get my drift right?

 photo 9_zpsfb5e46cf.jpg
 photo 8_zps9bc185d0.jpg

And here's what happened at the salon before!

 photo 1_zpsca1a75c9.jpg
The before! - original length of my hair and...

The after!
 photo 2_zpsbd02c033.jpg

Okay here's the process!
 photo 5_zps513c6811.jpg
This is after Kim chopped off 4 inches and before she snipped off somemore heh.

And it's time for a perm! Yes I really do not like straight hair. My natural hair is pretty poker straight.
 photo 6_zpsa14db982.jpg

And here's how it looks like after blow drying and all that.
 photo 4_zpsbfe93213.jpg
 photo 3_zpseff79e95.jpg

 photo 7_zps82536402.jpg
With my dear stylist, Kim, who always works her magic on my hair. I always feel safe leaving my hair in her hands, and she's super attentive; she's always making sure I'm comfortable and am feeling alright, and also a joy to talk to! Thank you, Kim. :)

And this is how my hair looks like now, usually, without styling or blow drying like they do in salons.

Honestly, yes I do miss my long hair. BUT, I love my shorter length. I think I look more refreshed now and I've had people telling me I look even younger. Hehe. 

On another note, the pretty purple/burgundy colour I did (read it here) has faded already (as can be seen in the pictures). So, you can guess what I'm gonna do for my next trip to ICON by Shunji Matsuo! I'm gonna give my hair a new colour! :D Will be somewhat more daring with the shades this time! Oh and I'm gonna be turning 21 this month! So I'm definitely be going to Kim to get my hair styled for my birthday party hehe. 


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I*CON by Shunji Matsuo
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435 Orchard Road, Singapore 238877
Tel: 6836 6567
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  1. Hi Shanice,

    I love the new look ! Really brave of you to cut so many inches off yr hair. By the way, just curious did you do a japanese or digital perm?

    Thanks ! (:

    1. Hi Germaine!

      Thank you hehe, glad you like it. :) It's a japanese perm!

  2. Nice new look babe.

    I love to change colors of hair. Feel so refresh I know.

    xoxo Y